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This should bring some discussion going forward

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Of the Drop Outs I have Know..None have said they dropped because of "less Bling" it has more to do with more Activities available to them.

As Kids get Older it is Harder to keep them interested. Once Scouting Becomes Mundane to them, they begin losing interest. Older Scouts must continuously be challenged. And of Course you start having to compete with "Girls"

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One thing that I would have wanted to see was a connection between training and advancement. We have ILST and NYLT training out there, but it is in no way tied to the program. This is not a dig on the training. I believe leadership training has its place. But like Venturing requires ILSC to earn Silver, I believe that part of the higher ranks (Life, Eagle) should be not only to serve in a leadership position, but to attend the training that supports it.


In addition, I would like to see some kind of recognition (in the form of official bling) for scouts who attend NYLT or NAYLE. I know they can wear a patch on their right pocket, but they can wear anything on their right pocket. This leadership training should allow them to wear something distinctive......


But I digress....

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