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If the patrol leaders are doing their job, why do you even have an ASPL? That has to be the most useless job in the troop. The bugler has more responsibility. On an outing, the SPL is the second mo

First thing, the ASPL is not an elected position it is an appointed position by the SPL.       We have an attendance policy it is 75% for normal membership and 90% for Leadership and the only t

If a guy is missing but he still get's his guys organized and ready than we are open to an argument. And we allow them to count the time during a "summer lull". I think the whole thing is kinda messed

What issues have you had Stosh?
Boys will always try and push the envelop when it comes to being boys. While in a sense this is not such a bad thing, but it sometimes needs to be channeled/tweaked into something positive.


When I started out working with youth, it was in an institutional setting as a tutor. The only thing they told me was always sit with the back of your chair against a wall. I also worked with the NYPUM program for at risk youth. Once you learn how to deal with the institutionalize and at-risk kids, working with the scouts is a piece of cake. I basically have a pretty good idea what young minds are looking for at that age.


Haven't we all yelled in frustration, at our parents, "When are you going to start treating me like an adult?!!" And the parents, yell back, "When you start acting like it!!!"


Well, duh, who's teaching these kids to act like it? It isn't the schools, it isn't the parents, it isn't their peers. So who is it? Respect received is always after respect is given. Not many adults start out relationships with "kids" with respect for them. In schools, I'm the teacher and I'm here to teach you because you aren't as smart as me yet, etc.


This message is very clear to the 11-13 year olds.


So, do I get down on their level and become cool on their level? Nope, I raise them up to the adult level where I am. In my book they don't have to act like an adult before I treat them as such. This message is also very clear to the 11-13 year olds.


Do I have issues? Sure, the boys screw up on occasion, but my "discipline" would be the same for them as it would be if it were there parent that did it. The boys know that if they screw up, own up to it and work to correct the situation as an adult would do, I won't discipline the boy. Why should I, if it were his parent, I wouldn't even consider disciplining them.


In all the years of working with youth (a bit over 40 years) I haven't had a whole lot of issues with the kids, but I have had a ton of issues over the years with their parents who don't act like adults. I have even had a few of the boys apologize to me for the way their parents acted, which when it comes to the maturity of those kids, I know I'm on the right track.


I spend a lot of time getting out ahead of issues doing my best to ward them off before they really do become an "issue" that I have to deal with .



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I try to channel a Scout Master I served under. I try to address the boys with "Mr" (singular), "Patrol Leader" (position), or "Gentlemen" (plural).
Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Doe are the boys. Mr. Jones, Sr. Mr. Smith, Sr. and Mr. Doe, Sr. are the dads. :)


They all get greeted at every meeting with either a handshake or a salute when they arrive.


Normally I tend to sit throughout the meeting, but if necessary, I stand and address Mr. _______ and ask permission to address the group. It is far more effective than "sign's up" which isn't used in my troops. Then I begin by thanking him and then addressing the group as Gentlemen.


I never use the POR as part of their title. It is always Mr. Smith, not SPL Smith. I use it generically when I refer to the SPL as, "You will need to address that issue with your SPL or PL."



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