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Carlyle Farnsworth attends 3 Jamborees, 76 years apart

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Great story! We had a guy in our leadership contingent at the 1969 Jamboree that had been to the 1937 Jamboree and we used a wash basin that he had at that Jamboree. I thought that was a pretty long time ago then. Now, it's been longer since the 1969 Jamboree and it doesn't seem that long ago.

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If I am fortunate, I may be able to pull off something similar. When I attended on staff in 2010, it was my 3rd; 1960, 1985, 2010, making it every 25 years. Have one shirt with the 1960 patch on the pocket, the 1985 name tag, and the 2010 in its normal place. Occasionally someone notices them. Have never had the opportunity to sit down and talk with any from 1937, though have met one or two briefly. Do have one in our church who attended 1950, and he has some stories, as well as photos that he shared with me. For us crazy historians, this is really interesting.

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