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If the BSA does adopt the local option for gay leaders and members and the AHG pulls out from associating with us, that would be a win-win in my book.


Seriously though this issue has been and always will be a hotbed for the BSA no matter what they decide, and this will also be a true test of just how much influence(control) certain religious groups have over the BSA. However IMO the BSA could wind up ticking off enough of the membership and religious organizations sponsors that they could be accelerating the final demise of the BSA, and that would truly be a sad, sad day.

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I have noticed in the last few days what a lot of people here don't seem to like or want the conservatives. Most of the people here have had the attitude of don't let the door hit you on the way out. I have always been proud of our association with Scouting and other scouters but now that I have seen the vitriol of the last few weeks, I think I will stay only with AHG and pray for all of you. Scouter Terry, thank you for this site and I will miss it. The information I was able to access was invaluable. I just wish I had seen more scouters acting like we want scouts to behave.


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I am guessing your in the I don't want a gay or lesbian adult to speak to my son crowd. That's great and your choice.


A question for you, exactly why are you praying for us? Because we are accepting of those who are different than us?


The behavior you fear in a gay scoutmaster wouldn't be tolerated in a hetero scoutmaster. I can just see an SM leering at moms and making comments to the boys or other parents. We have heard a couple of complaints here over the years of SM's demonstrating that behavior.


Someone said that gays recruit more gays, I disagree, but will say that like minded people tend to gather together.



I am willing to bet that you have already met a gay or lesbian scouter and just didn't know it. Most are just normal people, they all don't wear makeup or dress in drag and guess what they don't wear an arm band that says, hey I am gay.


We have troops around that only allow members boy from the CO to join, no folk from outside a particular school or folks of color. So what? join a different troop.

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No response in another thread. I'll try it here:


I guess we can just pick a random thread on this topic now, they're so mixed up...or maybe it's me.


Anyway, I'm still trying to understand the reaction in which someone decides to leave scouting, not because their CO has lost its ability to discriminate, but because OTHERS have gained the freedom to choose NOT to discriminate. I just don't get it. Why does one person NOT want another to have the same freedom that THEY have?

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