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What are the minimum requirements of a CO?

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What would the interest focus of this new Crew be? Are they planning on specializing in a specific area?


Often a CO is picked for a Venturing Crew because of the resources they can bring to a specific activity focus. For instance, a gun club might charter a Crew whose members are interested in shooting, a church might charter a Crew whose interest is in religious service, or a marina might charter a Sea Scout Ship.



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They're planning to focus on camping & hiking, with a major trip each summer to a national park or similar distant location. I'm not sure what type of organization would be particularly suited to that unless it's a business like an outdoor outfitter shop (Hmm. That might be worth approaching, too if the other doesn't work out...)

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Outfitters are a good bet.

An outdoor/sportsman's club that wants to extend its reach to youth would be a good idea.

A church that want's to add a wilderness component to its H.S./early college youth ministry might also work.


Each of these may come with their own set of caveats. (E.g., a business might want you to sport the company's logo, the sportsman's club might want a junior membership fee, a church might ask your youth to work on their Trust Award.) Or they might be like our CO (a church) which just expects us to be good and say grace before meals (and turn the lights out and lock the doors after we use the building).


My knee-jerk is relationships trumps resources most days. Thus your "Portland Area Friends" sounds great. But, there's no harm if your DE can put you on to someone with resources looking for a relationship.

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