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Venturing handguns caliber??

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Are ventures limited to a caliber for handgun shooting?


It is not listed below the caliber... although .22 is probably the optimal choice.






1. Handgun use is limited to the Venturing program.

2. All pistol shooting activities must be supervised by a currently NRA-certified Pistol Instructor and when on the range, must be supervised by a currently NRA-certified Range Safety Officer.

3. When on the range, there must be a ratio of no more than three shooters per adult coach or instructor. The adult coaches or instructors must be close to the shooters for close supervision. The adult coaches/instructors must be supervised by the Range Safety Officer.

4. All participants must complete an NRA basic pistol marksmanship course prior to range firing.

5. With the approval of the local council, handgun shooting may be conducted on BSA camp ranges, provided the shooting is done under the supervision of a currently NRA-certified Range Safety Officer.

6. Shooting safety glasses and ear protection must be worn on pistol ranges.

7. Care must be taken to comply with federal, state, and local laws.


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I don't think there is a caliber specification, but most of my youth who haven't shot before or rarely shoot want to gain/improve their target skills, so they prefer .22.


The youth who have shot before and have good skills want to try different calibers/styles. Fortunately we have a number of NRA certified adults in our district who are willing to share toys.

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Don't confuse da ranger electives with what is allowable.


There is no caliber limit on Venturers using handguns, even though the Ranger elective specifies .22s.


Common sense and da judgment of a competent instructor should suffice.


As an aside I hadn't noticed the bit in the Ranger elective before. Pretty odd, given da wide range of firearms allowed for other parts of the elective.




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.22s are only listed because it's meant as an introduction to shooting sports. Accuracy and familiarity are alot easier to master with a lower caliber firearm.


If you've got a group of Venturers that are crackshots and the guns are available, let them all shoot .45s!

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I think .22 is a reasonable starting place for the Crew.... But among the few leaders who enjoy target shooting, I could probably scrape up 2-3.


My 9 mm Glock is just about as easy to shoot as the S& W .22. And I know my friends .38 revolver is in between.


I just want to let my son/daughter know what resources they have access to. So if they want to bring it up in the Crew meeting they can.



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