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Venturers as den chiefs

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In looking over the Eagle requirements just now, it occurred to me that Venturers eligible to earn Eagle aren't able to use the den chief position for their POR. It made me wonder why not, and if anyone out there had experience with Venturers serving as den chiefs, either officially or unofficially.


Given the emphasis on teaching in the Venturing program, it would seem to be a natural fit. But I suppose, from the other side, that National wants the contact between Boy Scouts and Cubs to be the priority, since that's the next step for the young'uns.

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Here's the smoke and mirrors: "Den Chief" isn't an office within a venturing crew. But just because it's not an office in your primary unit doesn't mean it can't count as a POR toward your Eagle.

For example, three of our Eagles from our troop served their POR as officers in a venturing crew.

The rub: since "Den Chief" is a troop or varsity scout position, the WAY IT's WRITTEN, you would have to be multiple registered with a troop or team to hold it.

Now you and I and anyone else can split hairs over this, but what you *need to do* if this is more than just a hypothetical question is talk to your district/council advancement chair *now* and iron out what is or isn't acceptable. Then, talk to your council staff and make sure they aggree. If there is the **slightest hint** of disagreement, have them call National. (What else is that increase in $3 for?)


Trust me, it is not very comfortable when you are turning in an Eagle application for a 17.9 year-old and council staff is picking apart what your DAC told you four years earlier.

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Den Chief may not be a Crew position, but Venturers CAN be Den Chiefs.


Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a while for literature to catch up with reality. It was a while before the Training Guideline book or the Insignia Guide included Powder Horn. There were some adults who took the attitude that it wasn't official training because it wasn't listed in those 2 booklets. Is that really the attitude we should be taking?

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The Eagle application on nationals website, http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-728_web.pdf, states:


"While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility. List only those positions served after Life board of review date."

"Venturing crew/ship. President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, den chief, quartermaster, historian, guide, boatswain, boatswains mate, yeoman, purser, storekeeper"(This message has been edited by click23)

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