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G Mitch,

GOOD FOR YOU AND KEEP IT UP! We have a new district chairman who transferred in and is trying to get the CORs involved. Hopefully we will get more and more interest.


Also this may sound crazy, especially from a former pro, but aren't CORs ex officio members of the council's executive board as well? I thought I read that somewhere, but I may be mistaken.



Edit: Ok just googled COR and found out the answer to that last question. They are voting members of the council executive board. I never heard that CORs are members of ex. board, and aI guess they were not encouraged to attend by the SE I worked for.(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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We are trying to get more of the CORs involved too. I am conducting a COR Leader Specific training at our upcoming training date. We hope that if even a handful of CORs understand their role better, then we will really improve the units, and thereby improve the District. It is a vital position that is not well understood, and seldom utilized to the full capacity and potential inherent to the position.


Of course most SE's do not want the CORs to attend the Council Executive Board meeting. Half of the nonsense that goes on in Councils would be shot down in a ball of flames. If the CORs do not exercise their rights, we end up with no power to the people. It is my opinion that some Councils and Districts prefer the paper type CORs since the real power in a Council lies with them.

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