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Crew Officer Briefing or VLSC

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Both feel appropriate. Having seen a crew start-up, the briefing may have to be adapted from the standard syllabus of BSA. There are no prior officers to handover from, so this Crew Officer Briefing may well be a brainstorming session of where your ship wants to go.


Then, conducting VLSC (which isn't restricted to just the officers) helps form the bonds that will take them into the program.



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"Crew Officer Briefing (Quarterdeck training) or VLSC"


"Is it better for a new crew(ship)starting up to do one of these before the other? "


Yes. There is a loose order/continuum.


The intention is that Venturers first do the Venturing Crew Orientation. This is done on-line from the new On-Line Training Center (http://olc.scouting.org/). (its not yet on CD, but some are doing this on their own)


They then move to doing the Crew Officer Briefing, conducted by their advisor. This is where you also doing program planning for the unit.


THEN they take VLSC. VLSC focuses on leadership skills that they will use in their job. (however, VLSC is intended for ALL the Venturers, not just the officers).


After that they can move to doing Kodiak/Kodiak-X and if Sea Scouts, SEAL.


(btw, the Leadership Training manual from National gives this order, tho they leave out Kodiak/Kodiak-X).


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