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Sea Scouting School Afloat ????

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Has anyone heard of a School Afloat cruise for seamanship skills?


I'm looking for ideas to help plan a week long Sea Scout training on Seamanship skills while cruising. I have an old Sea Scouting Manual that we are using for now, until we get the new manual. I have ordered the updated manual from the BSA catalog.


I am currently working with the DE here to make this an annual council/district event as an interest to the Venturers in our district and the neigboring outer islands. We hope to kick this event off during Easter Week or June of next year, during the dry season, to take advantage of the trade winds.


Any suggestions will help.


Having Fun,



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I'm not sure what you're referring to, Matua. However, there is a syllabus for Sea Badge -- the Sea Scout version of Wood Badge. I don't even know if it has survived the changeover to Wood Badge for the 21st Century -- but will call the National Director of Venturing on your request to find out. Let me know.



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