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Ranger Conservation Project

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To earn Ranger, a Venturer must plan, lead, and carry out a significant conservation project under the guidance of a natural resources professional amoungst many other things.


Can you give me some ideas of what has qualified as a "significant" project?

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A significant conservation project would be the same as an Eagle Scout level project (or even higher). A very good resource guide would be to follow the William T. Hornaday award guidelines and select a project under the 8 catagories. A Venturer may also use the project for the Ranger Award as an Eagle Scout project and/or Hornaday Badge project. Subsitute the required merit badges for Plant & Wildlife and Ecology in the Ranger Buideboook.



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Here are some examples my Rangers have done in the past:


Erosion Control

Tree planting

Turtle Watch

Setting up snake traps by ports of entries (We have the brown tree snake problem)

Trail Maintenance

Water or Soil testing


I have a Venturer who wants to count birds at the Air Base.


The best thing to do is invite a conservation officer to your Crew meetings to give examples for your area. I'm pretty sure they may have projects planned but have yet to do them. The BSA has a conservation book that may help. I can't think of the name at the moment but I'll get back to you on it.



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