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Sometimes Scouting volunteers really bug me...

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Sort of a step by step process and a power point presentation on the council website.


to become a registered leader in a unit(pack, troop, crew) with BSA

1. go to www.myscouting.org

make an account, remember your user name and password.

take youth protection training(ok so you gotta take venturing ypt if you are registering in a crew)

2. when correct, print the certificate.

3. go here



complete an application and print

5. be sure to sign on page 4 & 5 and include your Social Security number and driver's license # to help with the background check

4. take application and YPT to your pack, troop or crew leaders, specifically the Committee chair.


Unit leaders,

1. take the application and ypt certificate from your leader candidate.

2. verify that application is complete, and all parts are signed in the appropriate place by the applicant page 4 & 5.

3. contact the references listed if so desired.

4. confirm the position to be listed, be sure the code is correct using the list on page 2 of the application.

5. If applicant is approved for that position, Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative sign the application in the 2 places provided.


And then local council gets involved.

our council provides an email address where applications can be scanned and submitted. So you scan the application, page 4&5, plus the YPT certificate and send it off.


otherwise deliver the application directly to the council registrar if there is any way you can do that.

Applications get lost or delayed if they are given to the DE, the UC, a district chairperson, friend, relative or others to "drop off" at council for you.

Note at recharter time, if the adult leader is going to be acting as a leader immediately, then turn in a copy of their application at council immediately. AND include a copy of the application and all of it's parts with your recharter packet. That way it won't wait for months to be processed.


Then the unit needs to confirm it's completed and the person is registered.


The easiest way for units to do this is to log into internet advancement. You can pull up a unit roster at any time that will show you immediately whether someone is registered in the unit. follow up with the registrar if there is a huge delay.

Then report back to the applicant that they were approved, and this is your bsa id number(also listed on internet advancement).


Applicant who is now a registered leader, logs into their www.myscouting.org account, enters their bsa id number in their profile, and takes other training required for their position.


Our council recently added an assistant registrar, and with the addition of scanned applications to submit them, the turn around from sending off applications, to them showing on the unit roster is less than a week, sometimes they are completed THE SAME DAY. wow


If the unit is using the tools available to them on internet advancement, or the new tools under myscouting for units (which I have not seen yet due to needing to upgrade my internet explorer) then there is no reason there should be any surprises of people not registered in the correct position in the unit.


anyway, there are probably things that could be improved in the above kind of process, noteably council somehow notifying units when the email application is received and when it is approved. But it's getting better here all the time.


I do wonder why the adult application doesn't say YPT is required to be done when you turn in this application and a little pull off sheet that says this is how to make an account and take the training? that is something I do for my cub scout pack, attached to all applications is where to go and what training to take.



ok so that was long..... I think I was bored.....? ;)

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Every app includes a place for an email address. Why doesn't the system, at some level, send an automated email that confirms registration and the assigned BSA ID with a link to myscouting.org where the recipient could immediately update his account? Is this hard from an IT standpoint?

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Hello 5yearscouter,



Thanks for the blow by blow description of registering an adult.


It's as simple as that, eh?!




You need to add a special procedure to register Chartered Organization Reps. Apparently if you register a new COR the application has to be signed by the Institutional Head.


We don't want to leave anything out from your blow-by-blow description!

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The only solutaion I can think of for that problem is to have a better alternative to a "brand new application" that is a more obvious transfer form.


Yes, this is exactly what I am suggesting. And the designer should remember to include a "Please leave me registered with my current unit(s)" checkbox as well. When I became an ASM with the Troop, the council processed my application by removing me from the Pack that I was still CC for, prompting me to need, you guessed it, fill out yet another form to continue being CC of the Pack when it came time to recharter.



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"Get Outdoors, how did they change your account number? I'm assuming you did your training on myscouting... which only National can touch and change things in... "


I had an registration number from when I was a cub leader, all my online training was done using that number. Last year I get a new number but when I go into My Scouting account, those thaining records and that original membership number isn't there. Bottom line is someone other than me deleted my original account info along with my trining records for the past 9 or 10 years. Fortunatly I was smarter than them and saved paper copies of my training.

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