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3 Services That Your Council Offers.

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What do you consider the top 3 services that your Council offers?

My list:

1/ Insurance.

2/ Our little Scout Store.

3/ The Council news sheet (which is now E-mailed)

Just about everything else is done by volunteers.

The Council doesn't offer a Sea Scouting or Venturing camp, we are of course welcome to camp at the Council camps, we choose not to.


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3 Things that Scouters love that are derived from our Council are:


The Council Camp- a refuge from the world that is different than the world that we inhabit the rest of the year.


The DE's- mainly for emotional support. People feel loved when patted on the back from someone with a title.


Meetings for people with titles to figure out plans for people that won't use them. fb


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have to agree with Eamonn's #1 and #2.


As far as #3.

It's definitely not our newsletter.

It only comes out 4 times a year and doesn't offer much in the way of new information.



I think these are important to offer a good scout program. We have a few good county and state parks that can be used but they often need to be booked 2 years in advance to use the facilities.

I have sent my kids to both Scout run and private camps.

The program offered by the Scout camps is far superior and costs much less than the private camps.

I would like to think that this should be #3 but I am not sure if it is right now.


Program help?

It seems anytime I have a problem or issue to work through I end up talking with a DE.

If I need training dates I have to go to a DE.

If I have leadership issues I have ended up working with a DE.

I need help with recruitment, I work with a DE.

When I started a the Ship as a new unit, I had no contact with the volunteer side and worked with a DE.

I know that these should be handled by the volunteers but it always seems to get action I need to go to a DE.

So I think that this is #3.


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Yah, this is hard to say, eh?


1. Paperwork. We all just love the paperwork we have to fill out all the time.


2. Popcorn. No scoutin' year would be complete without people we're payin' calling us up to get us to

peddle overpriced kernels.


3. Endowment. By sellin' camps and collecting donations to build endowment, eventually all their salaries will be paid for by endowment income. That way volunteers in the future won't be made to solicit donations to pay for executives with da disingenuous claim that it's "for the kids."



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-Advancement Records

When the aspiring Eagle candidate wants his application approved, the documentation certifying his advancement to Life and the earning of the stated merit badges had better be present and Council is the keeper of this data. (Leastwise where I live)


-Summer Camp

The Council runs two Boy Scout Camps and a Cub Scout resident Camp all assets to the Community



While much training is done at the District Level, there are other training Programs that are best offered at the council level because the numbers involved offer the best experiences such as Wood Badge, Powderhorn, NYLT.


And I would love to say Scout Store, but a brilliant past Council Exec sold off the Council Store a few years back so technically its not part of Council

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While Training is a responsibility of the Council and we do have a Pro sit in.

All the courses are organized and ran by volunteers.

Our Council wanted to charge me 6 cents a sheet for photo-copying!! So I had a local copy shop donate the copying service.

You guys in that end of the State seem to be ahead of the times? Have you gone to online advancement yet?


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Oops Eamonn, I thought we were talking about services offered by the Council, certainly training is offered and run by volunteers. I will have to look at my answers if you meant services offered by the Pros. I would keep the advancement records of course and the summer camps. I will add another one later

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Don't bet the farm on the Eagle records! In our council virtually every Eagle candidate and his MB councelors have been forced to dig and find their own copy of the MB card for one or more awards. My first Eagle Scout was missing five cards at Council, three of which I myself had hand delivered to the office!

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Here are three and not necessarily the Top 3:


Council Camps - We have 4 very good camps; 3 for summer camps and 1 for short-term camps and training.


Insurance and Paperwork


Training - University of Scouting and Cub World.


Overall, our Council does a very good job serving the units.

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Hard for me to narrow it down to just 3.


Council camps - we have 3, and the Summer Camp at Woodruff is great!


Training - 3 Wood Badge courses each year, Wilderness First Aid offered many times, Powder Horn offered once, BALOO offered twice, Scouters' Academy offered once, District Committee training once, Trainer Development offered once, probably more I can't think of. Some are staffed by volunteers, others by Pro's.


Scout Shop - 2 locations - big one at Council HQ, another at one of the camps.


Council Banquet - top quality production to award Silver Beavers.


DE - I call on my DE ALL the time. Funny, but he has never once mentioned Popcorn sales to me.


Web Page - just recreated, with lots of info, easy to use.

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