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Other inclusiveness in Scouing

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BSA24 Why are you still a Member of OA if you hate it so much..40 Years...????


Are they Beating down your Door and Stealing Money from you for Dues?


Amazing How everyone Says Cub Scouts and Venturing is not Part of Boy Scouts of America ...Yet It is The Boy Scout Local Councils who Collects their Registration Fees..Not A Cub Scout or Venturing Office

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Because my friends are members and we do service there. I guess we could all do it without the OA, but they want to stay in, and they want me to help, so I do. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean I won't do it if someone else likes it and it makes them happy for me to help them.

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Well I sure wouldn't be a Member of something if I did not like it and I sure wouldn't be a member and Bad mouth the Organization at the same time..



I am a member because I believe in what OA Stands for even with its ups and downs. Even though it is still kinda Antiquated. I am a member because I want to be not because all my cool friends are members



Myself I have always believed that Females should be part of OA..

Any member of Any Portion of BSA should be Eligible for Membership..If Cub scouts and Explorers and Ventures are not Part of Boy Scouts then they should not pay dues and Fees to BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA if they are Separate..If Boy Scouts of America take Money then they should be Eligible for Memberships..Each Level can have its own requirements to accommodate memberships..


Scouting now more than ever has become a Family oriented organization..Today's Society Has Changed there is No Longer a Traditional Role for Females or Males. Families are divided to much and have very limited time to spend together..Why Not Embrace a Whole Scouting Experience where Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, Explorers are truly one..Each with Age Appropriate Activities.



And If anyone goes to a Real Native American Pow Wow you would realize that Women play a Larger Role in the Ceremonies than What you probably are aware of. There are plenty of Female Native American Dancers and Singers and Drummers..They ain't just EYE CANDY.


There is More to OA than just Dances and Ceremonies.. Native American Society was selected for OA because they were the Original Stewarts of Nature..They long Embraced the "Leave No Trace" methods of living, Wildlife Conservation, Respect for Nature and Wildlife. Native Americans have a long Tradition of Respecting the Elders of their Tribes..

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My issue with females in the OA relates to the definition of "adult." A female can become a Boy Scouting Scouter (ASM, Committee, etc.) at 18. She cannot be elected into the OA until she is 21....another definition of "adult." Even though she has been in the Scouter position for three years and nothing has changed as far as her position as a Scouter. Why?? If she is good enough to be a Scouter within the Boy Scout program, and is eligible in every other way, then why wait? So she cannot be a member while a Venturer?? And if so, why?


The whole thing makes little sense to me.


I am not saying that females need to be OA members. In fact, I wonder often why adult females need to be members of a "boy-only" organization e.g. OA....BUT what I am saying is that if females are going to be welcome into the ranks of the OA...then why the age disparity. For the very few 18-20 year old females who are eligible by virtue of being Scouters in Troops, and who are voted in, are also Venturers....so is it such a travesty that they can wear a flap for a couple of years as a youth (venturer)/adult (scouter)?? Any female that takes on that responsibility of being a Scouter and a Venturer has surely shown commitment to the program, and understands the meaning of cheerful service.


Just sayin'...

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> Well I sure wouldn't be a Member of something if

> I did not like it


Really? You seem to not like this discussion and think it is "bad mouthing"? Why are you a member of it?


> and I sure wouldn't be a member

> and Bad mouth the Organization at the same time..


I see. Then you will not be criticizing anything our country does when the party you did not vote for is in office, then?


Oh wait, no it is only when you agree with the leadership of an organization that you don't bad-mouth it while a member.



>> I am a member because I believe in what OA Stands

>> for even with its ups and downs.


I am a member because for 40 years me and the same guys have shown up to what few service projects our lodge decides to do, and we enjoy working together and giving service to the community together. We have a good time.


Just because the crazies have control doesn't invalidate wanting to give service.

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I have My Differences with Leadership but relook at What you Wrote


The OA should be dissolved.


Here's what the OA has become:


* Free labor for BSA to set up/take down summer camp at council scout camps


* Native American cultural preservation (dancing, ceremonies, drums)


I see no other real activities from the OA than this. I've been in the OA for 40 years. I don't see that it serves any real purpose.


The OA does nothing to promote camping. The accuracy and appropriateness of native american cultural preservation is dubious. And BSA needing the OA sash as payment for helping clean up and set up campsites is questionable.


It no longer serves as an honor society. Everyone who gets first class or is an adult leader for a year expects to be made a member. OA has so much churn that without handing out lodge flaps to everyone with 12 months of membership, it wouldn't be able to operate.


Shut it down. The end. Write it off. It was a good idea. It was hijacked by BSA for labor. It was hijacked by the wacky Indian interest people as a social club. It has lost its way and adds no value to our country or to the mission of BSA.

(This message has been edited by BSA24)"""


That is Bad Mouthing it ain't disagreeing..

You do not have to be a member of OA to do Cheerful Service

I do not agree with all of OA nor BSA rules but I do not go around telling people they suck and need to be "Shut Down" or Dissolved. Maybe it is just you Lodge and your Council..I know Our Lodge does a lot of Stuff besides just put up and take down Council tents at summer camp.


I help several organizations by Volunteering without being a Member..I am sure your Council would appreciate some Cheerful service even if you were not a member of OA

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I am aware of what I wrote. I think OA should be shut down. However, those are the service events my friends go to, so I go too.


Sorry that you got your own panties in a wad over it. You'll have to learn to live with the fact that you can't make decisions about what I do.


OA sucks. I'm still paying my dues. Too bad. Game over.

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Well Take your own advice then


I don't wear any underware by the way


I don't care what you do, I like you had an opinion an expressed it..


I think OA should kick out people like you Myself..Your 15 dollars ain't worth having you as a Member

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It's easy to drop your membership in OA, just don't pay your dues.

Of course you could always mail your sash to your Lodge Chief in protest:)

I'll repeat what I said earlier:

You call it free labor, I call it cheerful service. I guess it all depends on you perspective.

OA promotes camping. Helping your local camp prepare for summer camp seems to me to be part of promoting camping.


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BSA24 won't stop paying his dues because then he would have one less bobble on his uniform to strut around at roundtable.....



Yes it is a simple issue with the OA, don't promote it in your home troop, don't pay your dues and remove your lodge flap....



Many councils and camps rely a tad too much on the OA for free labor in my book as well. There is the cheerful service thing but there is also where is the fun in it..... Hard to convince my youth to attend lodge events when it is simply another work weekend with guys you don't know very well. They would rather car camp or go on a hike.

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