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These days, considering what I see young people doing on the internet, I'd say posts about the OA on the internet are to be expected. 'It' is all 'out there' as they say. And just like those embarrassing photos of me one Halloween (and I'll never give you the link) once they're on the web they're just like Herpes (but not love)....they're forever.


The 'secrecy' aspect is a kind of myth that we allow the boys to believe so they can have a little more fun. But really, if you want to learn all the 'secrets', it doesn't take much effort.


'Odd' is not the term I would use these days to describe some aspect of OA revealed on the web. 'Unexpected', maybe, perhaps even 'surprising'...but not 'odd'. 'Odd' is what my battle-axe Aunt is....and her house full of cats. What IS it about women and cats? She's not even eating them!


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