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Florida School Board Rejects Grant With Boy Scouts Affiliation Because Group Discriminates Against Gays

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" from a group affiliated with Boy Scouts "


So is this group affiliated as in a group that has done stuff with the Boy Scouts in the past...or affiliated as in a part of Boy Scouts.


I mean, I can understand if the money came from BSA, but if it comes from a completely different group than the BSa..then the school board is doing exactly what they don't like that BSA is doing.


Kinda like, If I am an anti gay, racist person...I understand that you wouldn' take my donation. But if you refuse a donation from my landscaper - who I pay to cut my grass - because he is "affiliated" with me..then that's just nuts.



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Yah, anybody in Florida know the origin of da money for this grant? Seems like it's either a state appropriation or somethin' that ultimately originates with private donors.


Boards are free to do as they see fit and should reflect da values of their community. If they want to turn down free money for science education because it comes from AAAS and AAAS believes in evolution and global warming, that's OK. Da local taxpayers just have to pay more for a weaker program. Same here.



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The LFL program now is now longer funded through the councils proper. The LFL program is funded by private corporations who send money specifically for that program. So effectively, the school board turned down private dollars due to their prejudices.


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