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As I said before, I can believe that smoking MJ is not the best medicine.


What I cannot be made to believe though is that smoking MJ is not medicinal in any way. Those who smoke it for its medicinal benefits will tell you about the long list of other medications or remedies that were either too invasive, intensive, or just did not work. For some of these people, I think there may even be a placebo effect associated with the "I'm getting away with something" psyche.


Who are you to say that's wrong?

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Someone who has tried to console families, care for, and watch die innocent people at the hands of people who were high and caused a serious automobile accident. Such as a early 20's male who was smoking marijuana and purposely tried to run over two ~10 year old boys riding their bikes. He hit one who died a few days later. People smoke marijuana to get high.

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While I agree that's unfortunate, it's identical to the complaints about alcohol.


Whoever did that is a disturbed individual, and the act was not a manifestation of his "high".


That's like someone saying their house was robbed by illegal immigrants, so we should deport all hispanics.


I didn't want to take this argument personally, but it bothers me for a few reasons. Probably mainly being an individual that after only 9 months of this prescription, went from severe obsessive compulsive behaviors and clinical depression to a normal, healthy life and have gone more than a year without any treatment, especially that prescription.


Did any other therapy or medication work? The plain and simple answer is no. There were some SSRI's that actually aggravated the condition and caused hospitalization. And being under the influence was the best form of therapy, as it taught coping strategies and how to reach a calm state of mind even without the drug.


The mental disorders had sparked an eating disorder in which I went from 220 lbs to 140 lbs, and went from overweight to underweight and malnourished, further aggravating the condition. Within a month of starting MJ I was back up to 160 and eventually managed a healthy weight and diet at 170-180 lbs.


I doubt you want to keep hearing more about what REAL benefits this drug can have when used as a treatment, but just know that you can't ignore case studies like this.

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Initially for the anorexic component, but something about metabolizing something or another made it uncomfortably psychoactive whereas the MJ only created dizziness at worst for unpleasant symptoms. We felt the decision pretty obvious.

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