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The other thing that needs to be said is that there is no official "removal for life" (although for serious pedophiles, that is practically the effect). People who have changed over time and demonstrated improvement in character have been reinstated.


I'm probably reading too much into this statement, but here are a couple of observations:


1) Is there any other kind of pedophile other than "serious"? Is there such a thing as a casual pedophile? I'm hoping the author meant known, proven, or convicted, as oppose to serious. When speaking of pedophilia, there's no such thing as a non-serious offender or offense.


2) Has the BSA ever reviewed the history of a pedophile (to see if he's "changed over time and demonstrated improvement in character") and concluded that he was a safe risk? Lets hope not. Did the author mean to infer leaders and Scouts who were ousted for an offense other than pedophilia? I cannot imagine any childrens organization, much less the BSA, allowing a known pedophile (reformed or not) to become a member. Thats like allowing a reformed alcoholic to become a bartender.


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To clarify what I posted previously:


Revocation of BSA membership is not necessarily for "life" as there is no provision as such in the Procedures for Maintaining Standards of Leadership.


I do not know of any instance by which a legally convicted pedophile has even been reinstated by the BSA. I do know of a situation in which a person reasonably suspected of being a pedophile has had his membership revoked, but was reinstated later when the accusation proved unsubstantiated and retracted.


Revocation of membership does not rely on a court of law determining the facts, but upon a council Scout executive making a judgement upon the information available at a date in time. That is why review committees are in place, to correct any miscarriage in the process.

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Unfortunately Rooster I am aware of an organization that not only kept pedophiles as members, but harbored them and assigned them to roles where they would have access to children.


Many of you may have seen the news this summer about the Catholic Church in Boston and the role of a prominent Cardinal that re-assigned several Priests that had been repeatedly accused of molesting children. This apparently went on for many years.


I do not hold the Catholic Church responsible for this, but the individuals involved.


I point it out, only because in another thread we have been discussing leadership and several have pointed out that good leaders serve those they lead. The situation in Boston is a result of when leaders put themselves above those they are supposed to lead or serve.



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