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  1. To clarify what I posted previously: Revocation of BSA membership is not necessarily for "life" as there is no provision as such in the Procedures for Maintaining Standards of Leadership. I do not know of any instance by which a legally convicted pedophile has even been reinstated by the BSA. I do know of a situation in which a person reasonably suspected of being a pedophile has had his membership revoked, but was reinstated later when the accusation proved unsubstantiated and retracted. Revocation of membership does not rely on a court of law determining the facts, but upon a
  2. Dear friends, I have read through this thread, and believe with 36 years in Scouting and 20 years as a professional, that I must challenge a couple of statements made by one or more of the previous folks. One is that rarely do any of us know all of the facts of a situation. If a council Scout executive becomes aware of some facts (or at least corroborated statements) warranting membership revocation, he/she may remove a member on behalf of the National Council. There is a detailed pamphlet called "Procedures for Maintaining Standards of Leadership" which has been in use for over 20
  3. The uniform shirt should have a position of responsibility emblem ("leader patch"), colored shoulder loops, and "Trained" emblem that all correlate. To use an example of a leader who uses "Velcro" to change his position emblem from Asst. Scoutmaster to Unit Commissioner, she/he would change to loops from red to silver. The trained emblem might go on or off, depending on whether she/he had completed training for that position. There is one district/council position registered through the unit(s), which is the chartered organization rep. If the chartered org. rep. is wearing the COR
  4. When councils were switched to the ScoutNet system in 1999, most local councils began to produce a membership card for each registered position (including multiples), so in many cases, people are now receiving membership cards for all of their registered roles. Scouters are encouraged to wear the correct uniform for each position in which they are active. Separate shirts, or switching emblems using velcro--both are common. The loop colors and trained emblem should match the leadership position patch being worn. Unit numbers should not be worn on uniform shirts for district and council
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