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Weekend coming up...


Choices...I've been asked to:


*Help with Scoutleader Specific Training


*Help with Commissioner Basic Training


*Help plan/go to Troop Family Camping trip


*Be a guide/docent at local historic site


* Organize MB class...


all on the same day!


Gotta pick and choose, delay, reschedule, miss out, encourage from afar,


Think I'll go for the Commish training. Spouse and Scoutson go camping, SST is in same place, I can duck in and help mebbe, the historic site will be there next month, MB desiring Scouts will be scheduled another afternoon. Phew.

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The Same Ten People do become popular. Maybe it's the big red "S" on our foreheads?


This coming Saturday I had the option of: a troop hike with orienteering skills, cooking at an OA Ordeal/Brotherhood weekend, Cub scout training (New pack, needs it in person!), attend a canoeing HAT class, or go rock climbing with my Commissioner venturing crew!


I chose the Cub Scout training. Lots of little guys are depending on good trained leaders.

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Group dynamics always seem to follow the pattern that 10% of the people do 90% of the work.


This is not a good thing. If I'm doing 90% of the work that means 90% of the people out there may never get a real opportunity to get involved.


This is a formula I have always kept in the forefront of my boy-led program. Unless the boys are doing 90% of the work, then I'm not doing my job of getting out of their way.


I have often wondered how many people of that 90% would like to get more involved in any group activity but held back because the 10% were too busy doing the work they didn't notice.


It's not that easy breaking into a clique group of well organized, high powered leaders that seem to have everything under control. Until some of the high powered 10%ers get out of the way, the 90%ers are going to sit back and let them burn themselves out. That's the only way an opening for them may occur.


As a side note, ever notice how the 10%ers are always complaining how they always get a boatload of work? Most of that is because that's really what they want. We all like to feel we are indispensable. What the 10%ers don't realize is that if everyone of them found another person to help them, they'd become a 20%er and the workload would be cut in half. Duh!



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I am still new to scouting...at least, in comparison to most of you.


Been doing it for 2 years and just became the Cub Master of my pack.


I started out as a very active parent. I am not the type to wait for somebody to ask me to help, rather, I will approach you and ask you :

"What do you need help with and where at?"


But I have noticed ( inmy pack at least) that even though we have the 20%/80% rule, it is for two different reasons:


1) Some people are just content to show up and let everybody else do the work. Yeah, you know the type well, Matter of fact,I bet you can spot them a mile away on the very first night! :)



2) But there is another reason too, and you may be guilty of it, just not consciously. And while you are not aware of it, it is very obvious to those who "do not help".


Sometimes, people do ask to help, or what to know what they can do, and we tend to brush them off because we just know that if we let them do it,they will not do it rightand will soooo screw it up. Or maybe they wan't do it the way we want them too. Or we just hand them the worst of the jobs.


They pick up on this too .


I have seen both sides of it.




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