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Family Program & Award

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I did this with my son when he was Cub Scout. I wish that BSA and local units would advertise it more. It is a great program for families of any shape or size. Also, fits right in with Cub Scouting.


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There's an award utilizing a workbook that's available to BSA members, you need the little booklet (details below) to get it.



The BSA Family BookThe "BSA Family Book" is a vital tool for participation in this program. It is available at your local Council'sBoy Scouts Trading Post, and at National Scout Shops. Ask for BSA Publication Number 33102. (ISBN 0-8395-3012-9) The current printing is 1992 (but watch for newer releases.) It is priced at approximately$2.95 (USD) + tax.

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I know it is available for Cub Scout families, I'm not sure about Boy Scouts families. The book is titled "Cub Scouting BSA Family Book".


The booklet has different sections in it for

the family to work on.


The sections are:


Learning Through Fun and Adventure

Strengthening Family Relationships

Developing Character

Teaching Responsibility

Handling Difficult Situations



Each section has many activities listed that the family will do together. Once the family has 10 activities (2 from each section) within a 12-month period, they can receive the certificate, a pin and a patch.


Some of the activities are going on a picnic, role playing a disagreement, finding ways to be nice to each other, helping a neighbor, talking about death of a family member, visiting a cemetary, playing a board game together, attending a patriotic event. There are also children's books recommended that the family can read together, attending a religious ceremony together. There are activities aimed at getting siblings to get along together. Also activities aimed at getting kids to know their extended family members better.



Here is a page that describes it:




The only requirements online I have found are outdated. The program changed in 2000. So if you see requirements talking about a "family talk" or only 5 requirements, you have the old requirements.


I STRONGLY recommend this book for Cub Scouts families. It is worth a lot more than the $2.95 it cost! Many of these activities are things you are already doing. I found the section about dealing with loss a good one when my grandmother died last year and my son lost his cat the same month.




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