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Bob, sorry if I offended you in some way, it certainly wasn't my intention. We've come to depend on you as somewhat of an authority on rules and regulations so when you post something concerning policies many take it as 100% correct, sorry just goes with the territory. I felt it necessary to make the correction so no misunderstandings occur.


It's important for leaders to take turns going on outings for another reason---to limit burnout. I've seen lots of good people try to attend every outing and eventually they burn out. Taking turns keeps this from happening and gives the kids a chance to experience camp outs without any parents. To me this is an essential rite of passage. Not to mention a weekend without kids can be fun for the parents too.



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Scout Person:


"Show me that and you'll have a heck of a Scouting program"


Well, we do have a "heck of a Scouting program" and without knowing details, and I resent the implication that since we don't follow your program we can't run an outstanding program. We just had 24 of our 30 scouts attend a Summer program and have travelled throughout the country every year for High Adventure, and have had 16 Eagle in the last eight years.


Please get some facts before you criticize other dedicated Scouters' programs

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Eagle90, I believe the point that was being made was that 18+ wouldn't be aged out if you had a venture program. They could continue to be active members until 21 as well as serve as leadership to the younger boys. Also that if you have that many leaders and not quite as many boys, wouldn't it be better serve the boy's interests to plan more outings and take advantage of all the individuals willing to participate as leaders?

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