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Cub uniforms are rank!

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Our unit has someone who "scouts" out the local thrift stores for gently worn Cub and Boy Scout uniforms. He then makes them available to new Scouts for a very nominal price. He also finds adult uniforms. This helps keep the costs to families reasonable. We also encourage the boys to "pass on" their hats, neckerchiefs and such to the younger boys as they advance.


Wearing a uniform and its identifying color neckerchief is FUN for our boys! We encourage uniform wearing by rewarding the boys with little tokens like beads.



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We do many things wrong in our Pack, but one thing we do right IMHO is that when the boys cross over each year, they get the new book/neckerchief on the Pack. The popcorn sales alone more than cover the expense, besides, it is a great way to encourage boys to renew their membership.


I would have to agree about the common bond. small patches are not the same as the neckerchief. It is a highly visible sign that sets them apart.


I agree about the hats, though. I think the hat should be a plain blue and gold hat with either a universal cub symbol or a pin/patch that could go on the hat for each year. For that matter, this could be the place for a den mascot ala the patrol symbols that the Boys have. That way, the Packs with multiple Dens per grade could easily Identify their Bears, for example, by the neckerchief, and the individual dens would stand out by their Den patch (which could be the same from Tigers through Webelos).


We are generally happy if the boys have a shirt and the awards get put on in a timely manner. Hat usage goes progressively down as they get older. I think one boy in the Pack actually owns official Cub Scout pants.


It seems that your primary argument/concern, john, is the high cost. Until HQ gets the costs down, use your fundraising ability to offset the cost for your kids. That way you get the best of both worlds. Good luck.

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Only one of my kids in my Den has a hat. If they simplified the hat for all Cub Scouts in general, then more kids would wear them. It is an added unneccessary expense each year. Also, the tiger belt buckles are pointless. They should stick with plain brass instead of the insignea on the face for each year, or just use a generic cub scout symbol for all years. I see value in the neckerchief colors, but the slides must be changed. Half of my kids have lost their slides. They should include a safety pin to prevent the kids from losing them. The slide should also be generic and not level specific.


The badge sewn on the shirt is enough memorabilia for my cub to remind him of his Tiger Cub days. He doesn't need to keep all the parts. We take enough pictures throughout the year to remember all the fun.


The only item of clothing that should be replaced year to year is the neckerchief and shirts and pants as they are worn out.

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Ok. I am a realitivly new to Scouting in my second year as assistant Cub master and going to soon be Cub Master. Here's my take on the whole matter.


1. Any pack that requires you to have the blue "scout" pants is isane. We made a decision to not require pants nor hats because alot of boys hate the hats.


2. I encourage all boys parents to buy the biggest blue shirt they can so that the boy can continue to Wear the Blue Shirt for 3-4 Years. Also all Webelos can buy the brown Scout shirt also buy it a little big so that they can wear it throughout their Boy scout years. No madder if the cubs had same uniform shirt or not then you would still buy atleast 2 shirts on average because of the way boys grow.


3. Neckerchiefs, slides.. Ever thought of making a Den Neckerchief slide because you stay in same den just move up as a den and the home made ones work better any way. The Neckerchief is to symbolize you rank you are working on it makes it easier to identify what boys you can ask to take on certain responsiblity.


4. Books and other yearly expenses that you incure. Ever thought about talking with your den or pack and doing an extra fundraiser or maybe have the boys do chores around the house, recycle cans. There are many ways for the boys to earn money and help learn responsibility for their scout stuff.


5. Furthermore the most important thing to always remember in scouting is

ITS FOR THE KIDS. I am sure if you are hurting so bad for money that the pack can help with some things if you just ask also the Salvation army and goodwill are good places to find used uniforms or put a add in the paper requesting used uniforms.

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Uniforms do get expensive. In the mid-1970's when I was a cub scout, the neckerchief, slide, and hat was the same for first 2 years and changed to Webelos ones when you moved up to Webelos den. That was easier on the pocket, but since it was the era of the v-neck shirts, neckerchiefs had to be worn unlike today.


Any one else remember Offical Cub Scout sneaker's back in the late 1970's? I had a pair of those, now long gone, worn out and grass-stained.


Our pack usually buys the neckerchiefs when they move up, the rest is up to the parents. We recommend getting a shirt for the badges earned, but as National says, uniform are not required.


Dickies navy pants, are close in color and less expensive. Try eBay, goodwill, freecyle, and check with parents of cub scouts who are moving up to Boyscouts or quitting for old uniform donations.


One easy den activity is to make slides using film canisters after cutting hole in top, wrap paper around it, and decorate it.


I like the idea of having a basic hat that you change the pin on to signify the change of Cub Scouting level, but needs to be a screw-back to keep them on - have seen lots of pins lost from backs coming off. We should submit the idea to National. I have always disliked the Bear colors on the hat - too pastel and feminine for me.

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