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  1. First off I would try to raise more money per boy some how It is almost impossible to put a good program for the boys with 3.00. You can look in the rank books and find Achievements that go with the theme and have the boys do them. Also you dont have to stick with them theme totally, I would still have some sports some sort of obsticle course. Maybe have the boys help construct it. This year Our theme is Cub Olympics we are hoping for 300 boys and 80 adults for a 6 day 1 night camp. Over nighter only for webelos and Parent.
  2. True but it is a easy way to get rid of him. Plus signing a new charter and getting a New Pack number is a way to distance your self from the old CM problems and ways start off new with a clean slate.
  3. No Offense to some of you on this thread but as a assistant cubmaster/denleader/ comittee member and I am day camp director/district committe member here is my Take on the situation. As there is not an active registered committee here is what I would suggest to do. Call a ADULT Meeting and at this meeting you want your self, the former CM, the COR, DE, Unit Commissioner, all parents in the Den any Temp or potentional Comittee members and sit and discuss all that is going on and if the former CM seeks to stay with the pack have the Charter Orginazation release his charter. And End that m
  4. Ok. I am a realitivly new to Scouting in my second year as assistant Cub master and going to soon be Cub Master. Here's my take on the whole matter. 1. Any pack that requires you to have the blue "scout" pants is isane. We made a decision to not require pants nor hats because alot of boys hate the hats. 2. I encourage all boys parents to buy the biggest blue shirt they can so that the boy can continue to Wear the Blue Shirt for 3-4 Years. Also all Webelos can buy the brown Scout shirt also buy it a little big so that they can wear it throughout their Boy scout years. No madder
  5. We are also getting stuck on ideas. We hold 2 camps in our district and we have to agree on a theme the other camp wants to use 75th Aniversary as the theme but my self and y program director are not exited about it. Having trouble with craft ideas, actvity ideas. Can any one help.
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