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Where would you go?

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In Maine Katahdin Camp Roosevelt , check out the website for Katahdin Council, in Alaska there where two camps Taku Harbor and Eagle River or River Eagle (it been awhile now)

For the Book "Scout Camp USA" go to http://www.scoutcampsusa.com/ site.

I would subjest that you go to Scouter Network to do your search.

Blue Ridge is great, there are so many places to go, with the cost of fuel going up I would start looking local 3 to 4 hours trip one way to camp. Try the National Park Service ( Fire Island) or the Forest Service, and NY State Parks,etc...

How about a train journey, or an inland water way cruise, north , stopping off here and there to camp and sightsee ?

Camp Ockanickon Scout Reservation in PA is active. Most camps now are offering VCR's to promote their camp/services. Ask for troops whom attended camp last year for their feedback, you can uses the e-mail or the phone. You can also explore camps off season with senior patrol,by the patrol method each patrol is given a site to visit or OA , or even leadership training or adult training.

How about a summer service project , one year a few scouts fought forest fires ( years ago).

Best of Luck to you and the troop, have fun & enjoy



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I will second everythings that's been said about Blue Ridge. We did High Knoll this summer and the scouts loved it. As I said before, for units in the east, these programs are excellent, affordable and accessible.


I have to put in a plug for our own council camp though, Camp Squanto.


See http://www.campsquanto.net/


A good all around camp and close enough for side trips to Cape Cod, Plymouth Plantation and Boston.



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Though I didn't get to go with them..my boys went to Blue Ridge Mountain this year and all the adult leaders just loved it! It's got something for everyone camp wise though they did have complaints about the food...the "amount" of food, especially!

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OGE and Semper have made a great rcommendation...in addition to a good water front program, this DEL-MAR-VA camp seems to be able to instill in its youth staff a can do attitude and Staff treats you and you scouts like you are valued clients not a bunch a yahoos disturbing their (the staff's) summer vacation. Too often we have seen indifference and boredom from youth staff...but not at Rodney...Call now!... and check...if full for next year book for 2007...then ask them for the phone number of Camp Henson...this is a sister camp and except for the lack of a sailing program is almost as good...It is on a river (Nanicoke)...One year I was called to step in for a "Transport parent" who had an an emergency and the troop needed my truck to drive up and carry gear back...


When I arrived at the camp I listened as several of the younger scouts were talking among themselves about what they were going to do the next summer...when they camp back to Henson...they had not even left yet and were talking about going back! Good camps!



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