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So When Did CS Neckerchiefs Become Optional ?

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WOW So I guess


1) You don't have to wear neckers at all now regardless of program.

2) Bobcat is no longer required for other CS ranks.

3) OA sashes go over the epaulets now

4) Ventures don't need green loops

5) Ventureres can wear green Scout pants and belts.



I don't think anyone with field expereince works in national's PR department or supply anymore.

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My boy wore my Cub Scout necker I had as a kid. Yes, somethings are worth keeping. I still have my Boy Scout necker from when I was a kid and occasionally wear it.


I also have a pile of neckers in my drawer that identify my participation in various summer camps (yes, camps used to have their own neckers, not just a patch.) I have my WB student and WB tartan necker, all my youth neckers, a necker from the first National Jamboree, and neckers that I made for specific reasons, etc.


With all the changes in the uniforms over the years, the necker is the one item that will go with any of them and be right in style.


In my troop the necker is required and expected along with a FULL uniform. I don't always check the socks but the rest is necessary. Do I have boys lose their neckers very often? Nope! It costs them $7 to replace every time they do. It also costs $7 to replace their required staves, too. At that price they don't get lost very often, but I do notice the practice of tying one's necker on their staves a lot. If it's hot out the boys can take their neckers off, but they either stuff them in a pocket or tie to their staff.


At summer camp at closing flags on the first day, all the staff was in proper Venturing uniforms. CIT's were wearing full BS uniforms (no neckers). The only troop there that matched them was mine. Quite a few staff members came over and talked with my boys about it afterwards, including the camp director. It is obvious to all when a scout shows pride in the uniform.


Any uniform gets dirty at a week-long camp, dress or "activity". And yes, my boys wore the full uniform throughout the week. For those that think it gets too grubby, there's always a 5 gal. pail and plunger to wash them out. It's call being CLEAN, one of the 12 points of the scout law. When I went to Jambo, I had a clean uniform shirt and pants to wear every day! As hot as it was at Jambo, it felt great to have a daily shower and clean clothes on to start each day!


A scout may be a scout in America without a necker, but not in the universal scouting community. It's rather myopic to think otherwise. As pointed out in previous posts, the necker is the world-wide symbol of Scouting.






No, these are the pictures that say it all.(This message has been edited by jblake47)

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Plunger and pail! We don't need no stinking plunger and pail, we got the BROWNSEA WASHING MACHINE! :)


I too have a bunch of neckers and I was wearing them on a weekly basis until I bought my centennial one that is the proper size. Kinda hard to wear most of the others that aren't the right size.

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That photo is surprising, but I don't think we should read into it that there has been or will be a change to the uniform policy. A more likely explanation is that National just doesn't examine its publications closely enough to make sure the contents (especially photos) are consistent with policy. Many examples of that have been discussed in this forum over the years. It still surprises me when a blatant example like this turns up, though.


If there is a change coming, it's interesting to note that it's only in the last 10 years or so that the BSA actually INCREASED the number of different neckerchiefs in the Cub Scout program. When my son started Cub Scouts in the late 90's, there were two, a "Cub Scout" neckerchief (for Wolf and Bear) and a Webelos neckerchief. Then the blue neckerchief for Bear was introduced and then a few years later (not sure exactly when since my son was a Boy Scout by then) they put the Tigers in the blue uniforms with an orange neckerchief. So they went from two to four (plus the neckerchief for Boy Scouts) in a short time period. Now, several years later, the CSE is photographed with a bunch of boys wearing no neckerchiefs at all.(This message has been edited by njcubscouter)

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Are you sure about the dates? I remember in the 1980s wearing a blue necker. Now hats is a different story. The different hats, instead of 1 hat for Wolves and Bears and 1 hat for Webelos, came bout in the mid 1990s.


What I don't understand is why tigers are suppose to wear the orange top socks since they are now fully integrated into Cubs now.

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Since BSA just recently came out with a different necker slide for each Cub level, I doubt they are planning on doing away with neckers any time soon.


As for socks, please, don't give National any ideas. We will end up with orange, yellow, blue, and plaid, topped socks!

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