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I have heard a rumor that national did a survey of boys and found out that teenagers think shorts that do not reach below the knee are worn mainly by gays. The boys in my troop have expressed this as well. So, the new switchbacks and shorts are supposed to be sized so that they end below the knee. It may be an attempt to get the scouts to actually wear the uniforms.

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That shirt is kinda a mixed bag, description bellow is edited down from website discription.


(80% polyester and 20% wool

uniform features including "Boy Scouts of America"

embroidered over left chest pocket,

flag emblem on left sleeve, and buttons embossed with the Universal Emblem.

Two front chest pockets hold your essentials.


Dry clean only. Imported)



Until somebody can tell me a gentel hamd wash im a Woolite like

cleaner is safe this is one shirt I will find hard to justifie owning.

I see it's not listed as a Centennial shirt.

I also think thirty bucks for a pair of shorts is too high,

these things are simple to turn out compaired to switchbacks,

they should be in the twenty dollar range,

and the ones I see are still ODLRs.

The venturing uniform pricing boggles my mind.

Anybody know where this shirt is imported from???

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This shirt appears to be the older wool blend uniform they had the closeout on earlier in the year. I see the wool blend slacks are also still available. Maybe they realized the Centennial Uniforms don't look good on formal occasions and decided to retain the wools.

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I understand the concept about the UnderArmour being a moisture wicking material, but the need to take one thing into consideration. The military banned it in Iraq and those areas due to the fact that when it was exposed to heat and fire it would melt to the body and cause extensive ammounts of damage to the skin.


I think they may want to put something in there about that.


As for the new shirt that someone posted, looks a lot like the old shirts.


We talk about uniforms a lot. How did everyone here keep comfortable when they were scouts. I know that I always wore a t-shirt under my uniform shirt and that made things bearable. Lets think of ways to have a functional uniform that is also cost effective.

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I spent some time yesterday on the UA website, and if I recall correctly, there was some fire retardant clothing too.


Anyway -- is UA stuff American-made? Maybe that's a good selling point.



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