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How Many Uniforms Do You Have?

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Of the BSA uniforms that I wear.

2 Tan Short sleave

Our Pack and Troop have the same number. I just switch out the loops, and the Velco backed Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Patches

1 Tan Short Sleeve with my Unit Commissioner Patch

1 pair of shorts

2 pair of long pants

about 5 pair of socks

3 hats

1 leather belt with 4 different belt buckles ( Eagle Scout, Cub Scout logo, Boy Scout Logo, and Webelos Logo.


Many old od scout uniforms I have collected over the years.

4 Cubscout shirt

1 yellow ladies shirt


One Class A Army Uniform that I used to wear

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How many do I have? Less than most of those who have responded so far.


1 complete uniform, long sleeve with slacks with my current district position, silver loops, etc. on it. The slacks are showing their age.


1 complete uniform, short sleeve with "old-style" shorts with cargo pockets with my current district position, silver loops, etc. on it.


1 short sleeve uniform shirt that is my old shirt from when I was scoutmaster (8 years ago now), stripped of most of it's patches. That shirt dates back to when I was a scout. It still fits, but I don't need a second short sleeve uniform at the moment.


1 pair of those awful zip-off switch back pants that they sold off 2 for 1 a month after I bought my pair. Bought'em to replace the slacks above. Suffice it that I'm nursing the slacks along. A lot of times I'll be "out of uniform" by wearing my REI Explorer olive drab zip-off pants instead. Looks good with the shirt, fits correctly, unlike the "switchbacks", very rugged, dry quickly and cost about the same as the "switchbacks" did back when I bought'em.


1 "antique" 1950's Cub Scout Shirt with Wolf/Bear badges/arrow points on it along with the town/state strip of the scout in question and in the pocket, the scout's Lion badge and Lion Badge card. This last one gets displayed at scouting events, especially cub events so the cubs can see what the uniform was like 50 years ago.

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1 long sleeve shirt

2 poly short sleeve shirts

1 cotton short sleeve shirt that I really don't like as much as I thought I would

all are set up for current wear.


I have one short sleeve shirt in the closet which I left with all my old Cub pack insignia.


1 nice pair of dress trousers

1 pair of cotton pants which I really like

1 pair of old field uniform pants

1 pair of the zip-off pants

more shorts than I can find.


A whole dresser drawer of socks (shared my the three of us)


Piles of hats, camp t-shirts


I have one UK Scout shirt that I bought at jamboree and set up with insignia from my mate's Scout Group in London.

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Boy Scout Long Pants

Boy Scout Shorts

Venturing Long Pants

Venturing Shorts



3 Boy Scout Short Sleeve

1 for UC

2 for ASM


2 Boy Scout Long Sleeve

1 for UC

1 for ASM


2 Venturing short sleeve

1 for UC

1 for Venture Crew Committee member



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Wow. While I believe I have more than any others in my unit, after reading this list I feel so underdressed.....


3 complete Centennial uniforms(I mothballed my old ones when the new one came out)-

1 short sleeve troop ASM uniform

1 long sleeve UC uniform

1 short sleeve UC uniform

1 vintage 1972 Cubmaster uniform put together for the Pack's anniversary a couple of years back


After this year I'll be stepping back from Unit Commish (for Cub packs) and will be concentrating within the Troop unit. I will then switch all three to troop uni


CMM(This message has been edited by Cubmaster Mike)(This message has been edited by Cubmaster Mike)

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1 Centennial short sleeve

1 Centennial long sleeve


1 BSA nylon "Action" short sleeve


3 100% cotton Oscar de la Renta short sleeve

1 100% cotton Oscar de la Renta long sleeve


3 poly-blend Oscar de la Renta short sleeve

1 poly-blend Oscar de la Renta long sleeve


The above shirts mostly have only Council strip, unit number, position patch, and epaulet tabs, following the "less is more" advice of the BSA senior executive in charge of Boy Scout Training (prompted by my wearing one of my "prototype" breathable nylon Uniforms to a week long national training event in 1997).


All have been converted to the new color patches (praise be to BSA Supply Division that they found a loop hole around the national Uniform Committee and FINALLY got the red out).


3 "prototype Centennial" uniform shirts (off-the-shelf tan outdoor shirts to which I sewed BSA buttons and patches) to show how I thought the BSA Uniform should be designed for use in high adventure activities. The shirt that I wore in 1997 was a nicely designed REI breathable nylon model with 20" X 8" of vent mesh across the back between the shoulders, covered by a flap.


1 short sleeve Troop "Class B"

1 long sleeve Troop "Class B"


6 (approximately) assorted beat-up old poly-blend Oscar de la Renta shirts that I mistakenly left up north in storage. Since I "got religion" from that senior BSA executive, I now believe that these have WAY too many patches, but unfortunately being bad at sewing I glued them in place so I could sew them on without them moving, so the patches now cover glue stains.


I use old shirts for regular camping and even for cooking and service projects because the whole point of the old-school Uniform Method is that the design of the full "Class A" uniform should be such that adults can wear it AT ALL TIMES (including high adventure), with no excuses.


The Troop I now serve wears "Class B" Troop Shirts to three weekly meetings a month and on campouts, etc. I did that the first calendar year, but I have started wearing "Class A" shirts. Last night I noticed that one of the other Scouters wore his too.




1 new pair Switchbacks

1 old-style first generation Switchbacks which, like SR540Beaver, I hate with a passion (but wore faithfully because I had campaigned for them for more than a decade).


3 pair Oscar de la Renta vintage cargo pocket shorts

3 pair Oscar de la Renta vintage cargo pocket long pants, including two pairs never hemmed or worn.


The later were purchased just before my Scouts convinced me that my strict Wood Badge "official BSA pants only" policy was misguided, and I never wore official BSA pants again (until our side won with the introduction of the Switchbacks) :)


18 pair (approximately) "prototype Switchbacks" of all brands and materials from the very early high end EMS and REI models to the cheapest pairs that my Scouts could find at budget department stores. A couple of our Troop's choices back in the 1990s can be found at my Website's very first page:






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Short sleeved shirts:


1 21st World Scout Jamboree uni, with Jambo patches and insignia.

1 'Everyday' uni featuring some Jambo stuff, though merged with current patches.

1 brand-new spare uni with no patches on it yet.


No long sleeved shirts, but I do recall a retired one somewhere. May have donated it to the troop, though.




2 pairs of 'dress' shorts

1 pair of trousers

1 pair of (now old, hah) switchbacks




Like, a dozen pairs of socks, from low to knee length.

An old web belt.

A leather tooled belt of the camp I staff at.

Two blue BSA neckers, a 21st WSJ participant necker, a white with blue fringe WSJ necker, a bright yellow Sunrise Ceremony WSJ necker, and a cheapo polyester USA flag WSJ tour necker.


Aaaaaaaaaand, I think that's about it, haha.

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I used to keep 2 short sleeve shirts, one pair of shorts and one pair of pants plus 2 different leather belts and 3-4 neckerchiefs. I got the second short sleeve shirt so I could stay well-groomed through a week-long summer camp.


For a while, I was splitting time between troops in two different states so I transitioned to using beige Velcro to mount my council strip, troop number, position patch and lodge flap. This had the added benefit of letting me swap patches between uniform shirts and remove the patches before putting the shirts in the laundry (I find they do much better when handwashed as needed).


I just ordered 2 more short sleeve shirts and a long-sleeve as well as 2 more pairs of pants and a pair of shorts because ScoutStuff.org had them on sale and I wanted more in my closet for posterity in the event National actually makes the Centennial uniform permanent.


I wish I had my old ODs like some of the scoutmasters at camp when I first became an ASM but lacking that, I will proudly wear the heritage of the OdlR uniforms.

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I can see by the responses that neckerchiefs have lost respect in the Scouting community by the amount of sock counts. I have about 45 neckerchiefs, 2 SS and 1 LS shirt (De LaRenta), 2 pair of switchbacks, and 5 pair of socks. I plan to purchase 2 more SS shirts (although probably not the centennial), and 2 or 3 pairs of shorts. I am falling out of love with the switchbacks. I also plan to stock up on every pair of red-topped sock I can find, especially the Thor-Lo's. I also have a hat, a nylon jacket, and fleece pullover, and a web belt. I am in hopes of obtaining a certain Max Silber belt buckle for under a mortgage payment and tool up a leather belt.

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Yep neckers have gone by the wayside for many scouts and scouters. Makes it easier for those of us who collect and wear them to get them :) I also have a drawerfull of neckers, from those of my old troop, to jambo ones, to my SM Fundamentals necker, to my One World One Promise celebrating 100 years of World Scouting.

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Of interest (perhaps only to me, granted):


- Nothing newly released, and frankly, no interest in purchasing same any time soon

- Philmont belt and buckle from a 1977 trek as a teen...it still fits and it's still the only belt I wear in uniform

- Classic, comfortable Sanforized (sp) long sleeve shirt, circa 1950's...I wear this in the field and leave the ODL at home for meetings, conferences, banquets, etc. (Why BSA could not/would not reproduce this shirt style, with this material, is beyond me...it is superb!)

- Complete cub and scout shirts from my 1970's scouting days


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Like many of you, I have several which I've outgrown!


Right now -

One yellow short sleeve blouse with Cub RT Commissioner insignia

One yellow short sleeve blouse with Pack Trainer insignia


One pair of blue trousers

Two pairs of blue shorts

Two pairs of blue culottes

One blue wrap around skirt


One tan short sleeve shirt with troop committee insignia

One tan Centennial long sleeve shirt with district committee insignia


One pair of old style olive long trousers

One pair of Switchbacks

Two pairs of old style olive shorts

One olive skirt


I also have a complete navy blue skirt/blouse 1980's style den leader uniform without insignia, and a 1970's vintage navy blue dress. I hope to set these up with appropriate insignia for next year's centennial celebrations.


In the closet I have a yellow blouse with my Cub Scout Trainer Wood badge insignia, as a keepsake (besides, it's too small - that was 14 years ago.)


Various socks, belts, hats (including two overseas style Den mother hats, two navy blue berets and the Oscar de la Renta navy female leader hat).

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Only two for now,


Both are short sleeve ODL with Assistant District Commissioner POR, one has my Wood Badge CSP and the other had my councils regular CSP.

Two pair of original switch back pants.


I am thinking of purchasing another, probably will be a Venturing uniform with District Committee POR as I handle venturing training in my district.

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1 New Style Short Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt

1 New Style Long Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt

1 New Style Short Sleeve Nylon Tan Shirt

1 New Style Long Sleeve Nylon Tan Shirt

1 New Style Cotton Trousers/Shorts Green

1 New Style Nylon Trousers/Shorts Green

1 New Style Web Belt Green

4 New Style Crew Socks Green

1 New Style Cap, Green


6 Old Style Short Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt (Various units and positions)

2 Old Style Short Sleeve Cotton Tan Shirt

1 Old Style Long Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt

3 Old Style Trousers Olive Green

1 Old Style Dress Trousers, Olive Green

2 Odl Style Trousers/Shorts, Olive Green (Switch Backs)

4 Old Style Web Belt, Olive Green with Brass Buckles

3 Old Style Shorts, Olive Green

8 Old Style Crew Socks, Olive Green/Red

2 Old Style Knee Socks, Olive Green/Red

1 Old Style Cap, Olive Green/Red with Mesh

1 Old Style Cap, Olve Green

2 Campaign Hat

1 Expedition Hat


1 Jac-Shirt, Wool, Red


3 Venturing Shirts, Short Sleeve, Spruce Green

1 Venturing Trousers, Charcoal Gray

1 Venturing Web Belt with buckle

2 Venturing Socks, Gray


Numerous Official and Custom Neckerchiefs and slides

Way too many short and long sleeved Scouting related t-shirts and sweatshirts, and caps

Several Scouting related leather and nylon belts and many buckles

Several unofficial jackets with Scouting stuff on them



1 1960's era Boy Scout uniform, Olive green (Long Sleeved Shirt, Trousers, Belt,

neckerchief, and slide, and Field Cap)

3 Old Style Short Sleeved Cotton/Poly Shirts

1 Old Style Trousers, Olive Green


2 Pair Unofficial Trousers/Shorts, Cargo Type, Cotton, Charcoal Gray for Venturing

1 Pair Unofficial Trousers/Shorts, Nylon, Charcoal Gray for Venturing

2 Pair Unofficial Shorts, Cargo Type, Cotton/Poly Charcoal Gray for venturing



I even have a BSA Comb, BSA Hankerchief, and BSA Toothbrush, BSA Canteen, BSA Messkit, Standard and Deluxe BSA Pockeknives, and my old BSA Yucca pack.




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Thanks for mentioning the yucca pack...my old one is long gone, but I found another on ebay. I still use it as a ditty bag to bring odds/ends on campouts. Doesn't fit the adult frame well, but you can't beat the simplicity of design or functionality.


Not sure of its original cost, but I doubt it set moms and dads back too much back in the day.

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