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Sounds cool eagle. I a woven world crest from England i picked up at the 91 WSJ. I was also in Canada in 90. Your crest sounds nice. I also saw a nice one with a marrowed edge on the scouts of mexico scout shop web page the other day.

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In Sea Scouts, the tan uniform is viewed as a 'work uniform' and its felt that very little should be on it, including knots.


My view is that's a mistake, as we then look too much like navy uniforms, and the navy DOES wear ribbons on the tan uniform.


I have seen some ships wearing the chambray blue uniform. As noted, its really only for youth to wear that. The 'answer' I got was that the adults wanted to be in the same uniform as the kids. They don't get it that in Sea Scouts, the kids wear uniforms based on enlisted navy personnel, and the adults wear uniforms based on officer uniforms, so they aren't alike.


I also see some sea scout leaders wearing the black uniform that was dropped about 10 years back.


Oh, well...

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"I also see some sea scout leaders wearing the black uniform that was dropped about 10 years back."


< curiously >


I always thought there was a once-a-uniform, always-a-uniform rule - i.e., I could wear an old Explorer outfit today and be OK. Is there a different rule in Sea Scouts?

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Here in Occoneechee Council I ahve seen the sea scouts (adults) wearing the black "class As" and the black duty uniform as well as "Salt & Pepper" uniforms. In venturing crews can choose their own uniform or go with the BSA green uniform. My crew is a medicaly focused crew for youth who want to go into the medical feild so the youth wear a scrub top with left sleeve patchs and we adults wear the green ventring uniform although we should be wearing what the youth wear. I persnally like the "officer / enlisted" definition myslef.


Any of you all sea scout leaders?

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Former Sea Explorer and Sea Explorer/Scout Leader, I became a leader in may 98 during the transition to venturing.. When I was both a youth and adult, ships could create their own uniforms. Didn't like my first ships uniform of polo shirt or hoodie and blue jeans. Didn't think it was uniform. Now my second's ship's uniform was nice. Sea base cover, white shirt with insignia, including lodge flap since the lodge came up with the idea of a sea base and all leaders were Vigils, and blue short or pants. As you can guess it was affiliated with the council's high adventure sea base.


While I am glad that Sea Scouts are getting back into things with national uniforms. Some policies do make we wonder "what the heck?"

Only six knots is one of them, which no one has gotten an explanation why. OA insigina is another one. While I can udnerstand why you wouldn't want to wear Wood badge beads while sailing, I don't understand the prohibition on them at Bridge of Honors.


But that's me. What I find interesting is that supply doesn't sell, in addition to the uniforms themselves, some insignia that are proscribed on the uniforms, i.e leader collar pins, epaulets, Sea Scout buckle, etc.


Also just noticed that they no longer wear unit numbers. What's up with that?

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Yeah I dont get the OA flaps eiter. I am going to a sea scout training weekend with my crew on the weekend of 4 april. should be interesting to see whats is worn. Up here around NC/Va area they have the order of the golden dragons. Kind of similar to the Corps of Discovery. i will never understand why BSA supply only sells certain sea scout items. they charge an arm and a leg for venturing insignia.... I hope to get into sea scouting more when (or if) I PCS to new york.

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I'm a Vice Commodore on the council Venturing staff. Former skipper. I don't know if the "once a uniform, always a uniform" thing applies in Sea Scouting or not as regards those home made outfits. We had a splendid set of hard shoulder boards using the insignia of the original Sea Scout officers: silver stripes with the First Class anchor device.


Of course, as a unit, you can set up any uniform you want, it's just that you can't wear it to participate in "national" events. Doesn't seem to affect council or regional regattas.


I never understood why they got rid of the "Johnny Cash" (all black) uniform. That was handy for units down here when the weather was seasonably cool. It's never really cold enough to wear the dress blues here.


All the uniform changes came from the "Texas Mafia" under the previous national commodore. Maybe Charlie Wurster will make some changes of his own.


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"I always thought there was a once-a-uniform, always-a-uniform rule - i.e., I could wear an old Explorer outfit today and be OK."


That rule applies, but only if you are still in that program.


So if you're involved in Venturing, and want to wear your old Explorer outfit with the appropriate CURRENT insignia, go ahead. But if you're only involved in, say, Boy Scouting, then no.


"Is there a different rule in Sea Scouts?"


To a degree. There is a set of nationally-approved Sea Scout uniforms. Some have been dropped (the black uniform, which I mainly see from people in the NW, and using the 'summer white' by youth, which I still see a little in my area).


As noted, each ship can come up with its own uniform. Most follow the standards. If you attend some region events and any national events (basically the Koch Cup and the Sea Scout exhibit at Jambo), be expected to adhere to the uniforming rules or else...


I don't understand the logic for some of the recent changes in the sea scout uniform, such as the dropping of the unit numbers (in place since, oh, the 1920...). Why no world crest on the uniform, etc. So the comments by Eagle92 and Kahuna has me noding my head. :)


Me, I'm only a Council Sea Scout Committee person. Am no expert, other then what I've learned, so I don't fully understand some of it. I've been thinking of writting up something about sea scout uniforms to give to the new national commodore. Maybe he'll make some needed (IMO) changes in that area...


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Wonder if Sea Scouting is going to mimic the new uniform changes by the US Navy? For example:


No more chambray "dungarees". Replaced by a new digital camo work uniform in shades of blue and gray.


No more winter blue (aka "Johnny Cash") or summer whites (white shirt and white pants). Replaced by the "black and tan". Khaki shirt and black pants for E-1 through E-6. Chiefs and Officers continue to wear khaki pants.


Return of "Service Dress Khaki" for Officers and Chiefs. Khaki coat with shoulder boards, (WWII retro look).



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