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Uniform uniformity, function and the military

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RememberSchiff writes:


I would not sew any patches on a breathable shirt as it would block the "breathing".


I agree with Gold Winger on that point. For the last 13 years I've been sewing all my "Class A" Scout patches on tan high performance shirts from EMS, REI, etc., and it has never noticeably reduced ventilation under stress in the back country. They never wrinkled the nylon material as some people fear either.


I did take the advice offered to me by one of the BSA's most senior executives: Reduce the number of patches to the absolute minimum (Council, unit number, position) and skip the attention-getting clutter of all the rest of my adult awards, quality unit, temporary patches, etc., etc.


He told me that when he was in charge of Boy Scout Division badges, every couple of weeks a Scouter would call his office to ask if there was an official badge to indicate that he had gone to Wood Badge.


He would always answer, "Yes! There are two!"


When the salivating Scouter asked how he could obtain them, he would answer, "They both came on the ends of your leather thong!" :)




The Uniform is an Outdoor Method!


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I had the chance to talk to a professional from supply a few weeks ago and share my thoughts on the switchbacks, positive and negative.


The intel:


Supply is well aware of the fabric and sizing issues.


The fabric spec is likely to change (very soon) to address pilling.


Sizing is being addressed as well. Some scouts and scouters have had luck with womens' sizes due to the difference in cut. Not a guarantee, but might help a few folks, so pass it on.


No timetable yet on the "new" uniform, but it is coming. Would they be likely to have everyone in the new for the 2010 Jamboree, or just unveil it there?


The S2's are the in thing. Old style cub pants are going to be discontinued if they haven't been already. Look for markdowns/clearance pricing on the old style.



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Note that the "Action Shirt" is an activity shirt, not a "Class A" shirt:




Here is Jay L. Lenrow's account of the prototype new "Class A" Uniform shirt in case anyone missed it:


Yesterday at the National Meetings in Irving, I had the opportunity to

actually see the prototype of the new uniform. I can report that the

colors have not changed. The shirt is still desert tan but it is made

of a quick dry fabric. The epaulets have remained but the tabs for Boy

Scouts will now be a muted green color. On the left sleeve, there is a

bellows pocket with a flap where the position patch goes. The troop

numerals have a tan background with darker tan numbers. I could not

tell if the patch is held on by velcro or not. Each of the chest

pockets is a bellows type pocket with velcro closures. The overall look

was very understated which made the colorful CSP and OA flap look

somewhat out of place.


The pants are an update of the switchback pants. Each leg has a large

bellows type pocket with velcro closures. It is hard to tell but

because of the size of the pocket, the zipper for the leg bottoms

appears to be at or below the knee.


It was unclear whether this was the actual new uniform or a work in

progress. It was explained to me that this change came from National

Supply, which has the authority to tweak the current uniform. A radical

makeover (e.g. changing the colors) would have to come from the Boy

Scout Committee.


Jay L. Lenrow

Chairman -- National Jewish Committee on Scouting

Area 5 Metro President -- Northeast Region

Member -- National Relationships Standing Committee

Member -- National Religious Relationships Committee

Past President -- Baltimore Area Council

I used to be a Buffalo (NE IV-123) but I'll always be an Eagle (1966)

Proud son of a Life Scout and proud father of an Eagle


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