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Patch Placement

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I got this request in email from a den leader I met while I was visting the pack Im commissioner for.

I have a question, do you know where I can obtain a good diagram as to where all patches, pins and insignias are to be placed on a Leader as well as a Cub Scout' uniform? I found this one: http://www.scouting.org/forms/34282.pdf but it is visually not very clear. What do you recommend?

 I not having much luck. Any ideas?

Thanks, Curt

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Get yourself an updated (which my 2001 version is not) copy of the BSA Insignia Guide, which your local scout shop should carry. Covers everything from Cubs to Adults and all the different badges/awards you can think of. The Code number on the back of my out-of-date version is: 33066B

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The latest version of the Insignia Guide (with a new cover, you can see it on-line in the Scout Stuff catalog) is #33066.


The Uniform Inspection Sheet is fine, but it will NOT show were all the patches/pin/etc go.


While the Insignia Guide is pretty good, it DOES have errors. I know there are atleast 2 knots not listed, and a few other insignia left out (all of which have been out for about 2 years, so I'm not talking about really recent stuff).


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