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Time to talk of beads, knots and other things...

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FScouter pointed out "The not-so-new award requirements were published in the 2003 printing of the Leadership Training Committee Guide."


Yeah, but the requirement list I used was from my new *2005* Scoutmaster's Handbook. I know this happens all the time in the BSA (LOTS of documents to keep up to date!) but it is still a bit irksome.

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Your beef is with the BSA who has seen fit to recognize leadership with knots to be placed on uniforms, not the people who wear them.

I, too, have struggled with the ambiguity in the insignia guide over "cluttering."


I'm at peace with myself now that I have one uniform with all my knots, interpreter's strips, etc. [for roundtable and special events] and one [for general wear] that is "plain jane." My wife is helping me make displays of my Cub and Boy Scout youth awards. My red, white, and blue surfer shorts (swim trunks with pockets!) have my BSA Lifeguard, Snorkeling BSA, and Mile Swim patches.


I've noticed that people listen to me more when I'm wearing the knee-high uniform socks and my WoodBadge neckerchief with beads smartly wrapped around them.:)

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"As I stated in the other thread , Are you in this for the youth or in it for personal gain, prestige, or a deep desire to somehow be personally recognized for doing the job we all signed up to do? Motivation or our personal motives makes us the leaders we are. It is not about fruit salad on our uniforms its about the boys."


I guess my question is -Why does it have to be either/or? Isn't it possible that there are leaders who are committed to the boys and are proud that they earned a leader knot? Jeez, guys loosen up!


No one has mentioned another reason for the knots - a souvenir of your (all too brief) days as a leader. One day your little Tiger cub is suddenly in Boy Scouts, and your role as a Den leader has ended. I want the knots as a reminder of the fun I had with each of my boys, leading their dens.

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Adult Religious Award

Tiger Cub Den Leader Award

Den Leader Award

Weblos Den Leader Award

Cub Scouter Award

Den Leader Coach Award

Scouters Training Award

Scoutmasters Award of Merit

Scouters Key

District Award of Merit

Silver Beaver

Commissioners Service Award

OA Lodge Flap- Brotherhood

Trained Patch


On all uniforms.


I add my service stars and 7 devices for special occasions like Courts of Honor.

I add my Eagle Medal and Silver Beaver Pendant for really special occasions like Eagle Court of Honors, or scout sunday services.

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