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I thought we may have sunk to a new low when I read the "need help dating" subject on this forum!


Seriously, I've seen patches for sale for about $2.00 and tie bars for $3.00 on various internet sites. Not sure of the date.

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I received my Eagle as an Explorer in 1970. I know the slogan predates that by several years, as I was still in a Scout troop. I will stand by 67-68 as being pretty accurate. Your father may have obtained it later than that.

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Can you imagine the response a Scouter would get on a dating board if he were truly honest. Let's see-

- gone camping at least one weekend a month with the scouts and scouters.

- gone to a weekly meeting (sometimes 3 per week)

- gone to every training that can be found.

- gone to roundtable once a month

- gone to hang around with other ASM's and work on scout stuff.

- most of my money is spent on scout stuff.

- boxes and boxes of Trails End popcorn around the house


I'm sure you get the picture. I wonder if they would even let a Scouter post?



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