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New Wolf den leader getting late start needs planning help

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My 3 boys joined a pack a few weeks ago and I have been asked to lead my oldest son's Wolf den. The pack had 2 tigers before we joined and in the last couple of weeks have picked up about 15 or so new boys (a mix of tigers and wolves). My question is about planning my meetings. I want to make sure that they can all receive their wolf patch by the blue and gold banquet in February but the last few boys don't even have their bobcat yet. I have found a copy of the november meeting helps and have also found a large pdf of the fast track program. Should I start from the November schedule, should I start with meeting #1 in the fast track program or a mixture (or neither) of the two? Also, how important is it to build a meeting around the monthly theme? If everyone, including the 2 den leaders, are brand new is it ok to follow something like the fast track if it doesn't have anything to do with the theme? Thanks in advance for any help you all may be able to provide.

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First, ask your Cubmaster to find out when Position Specific Training for Den Leaders is. Training will provide ideas and resources!


Here are some resources to help spin you up fast:


Cub Scout Fast Start Training at MyScouting:


Youth Protection Training:


Once you are enrolled in MyScouting, YP training is online.


Now, some specific resources

Welcome, New Den Leader, No. 510-231


So Youre A New Den Leader, No. 510-239


Program Ideas for Your First Month of Den Meetings, No. 510-232


Cub Scout Program Helps for New Den and Pack Leaders, No. 331-118


20092010 Program Planning Insert, No. 13-34409



The Values of Cub Scouting



Purposes and Methods of Cub Scouting



The Cub Scout Pack


This shows how you fit into the overall world of Scouting :)


Welcome to the trail.


OH ... Relax. Scouting is a journey, not a race. You've got all program year to get kids to Wolf. Being steady on the trail with your Cubs and their parents (parents are a huge part of Wolf and Bear advancement) is going to retain better than burst of energy. After all, Pinewood Derby takes January!! :)(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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I ended up switching Packs and becoming my youngest's Wolf DL this year.

All are new to Cubs except my son.


For Den meetings take a look at the Fast Tracks on Scouting.org

They are a good outline for Den meetings.

You'll have to add a few things like games and crafts but they are a great start.

Using these I think it takes 12 meetings to make the Wolf badge (without doing Bobcat)


I wouldn't rush these cubs through just to get done by your Blue and Gold.


My son's DL did this with the Tiger badge last year and he really did'n't get much from it.


Make sure they are doing the requirements and learning something instead of just signing off - even if it takes a month or two longer.


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On our second go round with Wolves. As others have said, don't rush through it. Make Cubs fun not an endurance race. The boys don't cross over into Bears until June anyway.

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Thank you all for such a quick response. I have found the fast track program and really wanted to use it. I wasn"t sure because it doesn't seem as though it ties into the monthly theme. After looking at your responses I am thinking about using the fast track (all of the meetings are planned out already and my scout store is out of some of the other leader references) and just adding a skit/song/presentation to do at the monthly pack meeting that would tie into the theme. I am thinking of starting at the beginning after getting the new boys up to speed with their bobcat. I also want to make a den flag and a den doodle at the next meeting. Does that sound like too much for 1 meeting?

Also, I have already done the online training and am registered for our council's Boy Scout University on 11/14. I have missed the leader specific training and will have to try to complete that when offered again. I'll also make sure to look at the other references that John was kind enough to list for me.

The Cubmaster sounds like he wants to be able to present the boys with their Wolf patch at the B & G, but I am with you all that I would rather the boys have fun and stick with it than to try to cram it all down their throats too quickly. I'll have to have a conversation with him at the next meeting. Thanks again for the help, I really appreciate it. I am glad I joined this post and will continue to use it as a reference.

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If he's that Type A that the kids need to be at Wolf by B&G, he should be more than welcome to take over your Den...

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Welcome, and have a great year.


I agree with the have fun, build the den friendships, and work with a reasonable pace.


I found the wolf book had two requirements that were hard for some parents to seem to get done at home with their sons. Plan these achievements early in the calendar so you have lots of time for reminders, if needed.


In addition, I would look for a belt loop you could do with the boys prior to the B&G so they could be awarded something. There are several that dulplicate some of the requirements on the Wolf trail. See meritbadge.org for a document that lists the duplications.


Have fun.

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