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Patriot Act and EIN number

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I recently took over as treasurer for my son's troop.

When I went to the bank to sign the signature card for the checking account, the bank asked for our EIN number.

I went to our scoutmaster. He told me to call the council. The council said that we should use our chartered organization's EIN.

The chartered org won't give me their EIN number.


What do I do now?

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The pack should get its own EIN -- I forget the IRS form number, but its fairly routine.


This is NOT the same thing as qualifying as a 501©(3) which is much more complicated (and probably unnecessary).

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Yeah, the Patriot Act makes bank accounts difficult for troops and packs.. we had to have letter from council that we were a valid troop and then a letter from CO that they sponsored us... they did let us use their EIN .. but it took three trips to the bank for the two of us that were to be on account to comply with the act and prove we weren't a terrorist organization.



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But we ARE on the Homeland Security watch list as "right wing extremists" now...I'm surprised they let you have a checking account...all that Popcorn money could buy a lot of AK-47s.

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I have the SS-4 form from the IRS, but I'm not sure how to fill in some of the blanks.


Can someone who has obtained an EIN help me out?


3. Executer, ...."care of" name

4a Mailing address


Do I use the CO's?

They wouldn't let us use their EIN in the first place.

So, I don't know if we would get any correspondence if it is sent to the CO.

Do I use our Committee Chair's address, the Treasurer's address ???


Any thoughts?

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