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No need to apologize JMBadger, the apology is mine. I DID have the two of you confused. (See I told you I was confused ;)) MY bad!


To JMHawkins (now that I've gotten the two of you separated more clearly...I think...more apologies), I am referring to parents who seemed to be more like JMBadger described. These were parents who drove their sons to the scout meetings and often had to remind them of things, like their book, their backpacks, the fact that they had to practice knots. They sometimes discussed how they had to nag the boys to do chores or homework. One of them needed help with algebra. This sort of thing. The parents I know of who didn't provide this kind of prodding were mostly single moms who simply didn't have the time.


I remind myself as I re-read this thread, that this dialogue started with a single anecdotal observation for which there was no further explanation other than that based on supposition. I'm just trying to take this to a slightly better observational basis.

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Ha, now I'm confused (but I admit I got sorta lost around the cockroach discussion).


Yah, I think we all got lost at da point when packsaddle got a real bug in his system.


JMBadger, yeh got me right. if they've got Tenderfoot, they shouldn't need reminders. If they don't, then it should be da Patrol Leader or Troop Guide that do the reminding. Never do a task for boys that they can do themselves.



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Getting back with the advising results:

There seems to be little or no pattern among the students with regard to their economic status or whether parents are 'helping' them in various ways. I can't discern anything other than a completely 'individual' case-by-case set of unique persons, each with their own strengths and limitations.

Some of them come to me with their whole college career all planned out and practically all I have to do is check to make sure they're right and send them on. Others are 'needy' and require extra time for planning and strategy. The ones I knew with the 'helicopter' parents are doing just fine and seem to be anxious to get 'out from under' the helicopters, so-to-speak. And one problem child at age 25 is still under his grandmother's wing, letting her pay the tuition for him to languish in a degree program. I told him he needs to bow to her and kiss her feet. He told her what I said. She laughed. I'm going to get that guy into shape if I can, before he kills her with her own kindness.

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