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? about Historic Trail Award

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Just wodering if any one knows details about the Historic Trail Award. I know that it is designed for Boy Scouts and Venturers, however, can it be earned by a Cub Scout? My older sons' troop did a project this weekend that qualifies them for this award. My younger son, a Cub Scout, participated in the event, and did as much work as the Boy Scouts (if not more in some cases), as did one other younger sibling who is a Cub. I know that this award is not designed to be persued by Cub Scout packs or dens, but can it be awarded to specific Scouts in this type of case?

Anything anybody knows would be appreciated.





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I sorta disagree, Ed. Looking at the application, it says,


"Total number of Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and leaders eligible for the Historic Trails Award"


The award is given to the Unit (troop, team, crew) to pass on to participating members. There is no mention of Cub Scouts being eligible.


Now if the SM wants to add 1 to the total number and give the Cub a patch, I don't see the harm, other than it's not quite "honest".

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