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  1. Our Packs last Pack Mtg is scheduled for May 31st. In June we have a Crossover ceremony at a City Park that has a large splash pad, a playground for elementary school kids and a playground for toddlers. We have an official ceremony, then the kids can play in the water or playground. An organized game of kick-ball and geocaching usually ensue and we finish it off with 20 or 30 minutes of garbage pick-up for Leave No Trace. We also have a camp-out at our cities Minor League baseball team, attend the game and camp-out on the field after the game. July is our District's Residence Camp
  2. Our Pack adopted a park from our cities Parks Department. 3 organized clean-ups a year. Also, anytime we do an outing we take a few garbage bags along and at the end of the program we send the Cubbies out with the garbage bags to practice leave no trace.
  3. Definitely fewer outings, and more outings closer to home (both in Scouting and our family life).
  4. No restrictions what so ever. We have a small Pack, so we have 1 Denner for the Pack rather than one for each Den. So far this year we've had a Tiger, 2 Wolves, 2 Bears and a Webelos perform this roll.
  5. Webelos Den Leader here, anytime a parent signs off on an accomplishment for the Webelos Scout (other than the Religious Emblem) I ask for some supporting documents or subtly quiz the Cubby on what they learned. For example, I had a Webelos do the Engineer reqt #2 (Floor Plan), the scout brought in the floor plan that he had done at home. Once I reviewed it, I signed off the reqt as complete in the book. At the beginning of the year, I purchased a small 1" black binder that the boys keep all of their activity papers in, it makes it really easy to store the work as they complete it.
  6. In the case you described, I'd ask our Webelos to write one letter for each requirement.
  7. Great question, one I hadn't thought of. Our Pack is fairly new, with new leadership, and we're going to be experiencing this for our first time this summer, as we have 2 Webelos that will be finishing up their first year. In the past we've always had the boys bring their next years neckerchief, slide and hat, that we used in the ceremony, and we bought them their books. Not sure what we'll do for the Webelos 1 going into Webelos 2. I'll bring it up at our next meeting.
  8. My thoughts: - Don't punish the 7 y/o because his Dad is a deadbeat. He should get whatever he earns until the end of the charter year, then he rolls off. - I commend you for planning on stepping up with regards to paying out of pocket for the PWD awards, etc. - Our Pack doesn't accept ANY checks from anyone for fundraisers. Parents are expected to pay in cash or m/o. If they want to accept a personal check for popcorn orders, it's on them, but all funds are to be paid to the Pack via cash or m/o. Eliminates the situation you described. Hope it works out.
  9. Most definitely "YES". Most of the Wolves & Bears in our Pack use Gym & Art classes to sign off various achievements. Webelos is a bit tougher because their Den Leader must verify the accomplishments, which means the boys need to bring their work to their Den Leader.
  10. Eliza, scouting.org has all of the Webelos Den Meeting Plans on line, including activiites for the Scientist Badge, Requirement # 12. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/CubScoutMeetingGuide/ArrowofLight/ArrowofLightMeeting5.pdf
  11. @ clemlaw, thanks for sharing the pdf, I'm definitely going to use it for my Webelos Den and will invite our Bears to join in as well.
  12. That's a good question, I wondered that myself. If I'm logged in, why do I have to repeat my username and password everytime I post a message?
  13. "Something that you need to be aware of is that most of the Bobcat does not need to be memorized, all that they have to do is show and tell what it means. Bobcat has two purposes, first to familiarize the Scout and their parent with the Cub Scout program, second to get them a quick rank for positive feedback. Don't make this too hard for them. " This. We don't make new boys memorize any of the material, we simply go through each of the points, make sure they know what it means, and use them at the beginning and end of our Den Meetings. They should all qualify for their Bobcats after
  14. What Scoutnut said... Our Pack requires at least one parent/guardian/family member per Scout.
  15. Welcome ScoutingMom75 and congratulations on taking the first step. I'll let others with more knowledge address your questions (I'm just a beginner myself), but wanted to wish you good luck on your journey.
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