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  1. I've never bought a shirt at full price. We've bought all six of our shirts off e-Bay and rarely paid over $15.00. Our pants are olive colored jeans, slacks or cargo pants, not official, but we blend in just fine. I don't quite understand the requirement for them to be official pants. The Girl Scouts have gone to only requiring the vest/sash and pin and encourage khaki pants and white shirts. That would be fine, but even at that no one bothers to wear the encouraged 'uniform'. It really rubs me the wrong way.
  2. My husband was in charge of some of the instructors/MB counselors for the Army (MPs) at NSJ. He said they filled out a sheet with the Scouts name, Troop and what requirements they completed. This was turned in to Staff. Each unit should have been provided the same type of print off that you get when a Scout has attended Summer Camp to take back home. Have you checked with the Jamboree Scoutmaster of the Troop that this Scout attended with?
  3. Thanks for sharing, that sounds like a great presentation!
  4. evmori, what does your ribbon display look like?
  5. It could be a confusion of the state rules and Boy Scout rules. Maybe it applied when they were Cub Scouts due to their age in that state and someone assumed it was a Boy Scout rule and has now forgotten about the age and state implication. Glad to hear it was worked out with your committee chair.
  6. Does the 2-deep leadership not apply when driving? I tried asking my Committee and District this before with no luck. And can someone explain the "do not travel in convoy" rule for a 16-18 yr old driver?
  7. Would it be possible to hold the training at a Parents meeting? If you have a cooperative Trainer in your area I would think they'd be more than happy to provide the training to your group. You could also try hooking up your computer to the TV or using a projector to view the on-line training. This way you can ensure they all learn about the BSA and receive Youth Protection. Just a thought!
  8. We only have two patrols. And if I'm not mistaken one is for the older boys and the other for the younger. That doesn't make sense to me at all though. Is that the way it normally is done? Where is the mentoring? They recently re-elected the Patrol & Sr Patrol leaders. And we have some new parent volunteers. I'm hoping this will encourage some change too.
  9. Thanks Lisabob. That's definately what I would expect. Just wasn't sure on the cabin or other building 'camping'.
  10. "Just curious, why is it so tough for the boys to meet these requirements 20 days is easy." Because they must be done as a Scouting activity. If you aren't in a good Troop then it isn't so easy to knock it out in a year. At our rate it's going to take three. Now if they counted family camping then we'd be set.
  11. "The camping MB now requires campouts to be in a tent on a troop or patrol trip. It used to include family trips but I think they changed it because too many families had very loose terms for camping." You would think that instead of changing it to just troop or patrol they could define what camping should be or limit how many nights could be with family. (BTW, how would a Lone Scout earn his camping MB among others?) It looks like it will be awhile before my son earns his. Our spring break camping trip was just canceled. double sigh...
  12. I tried to edit my post, but the forums were down after that. Yes, I knew there were some overnights - most of which were counted from Resident camp (5 nights). I am guessing that the SM is considering the overnight in a building his last needed "camping overnight". Hence my original question, what is considered camping.
  13. Wow, we definitely have something wrong going on then. My son is scheduled to receive his First Class rank at next week's COH. We've only been told they have to complete 5 activities, camping out was not mentioned. The Scoutmaster signed off on it and he passed his BOR. As far as I know, they didn't get any Webelos to cross over last year. My son was the only one as we just moved here. At resident camp he earned almost everything to get him his Second class rank. I want to say almost half of our Troop is working on their Eagle. (We have around 25 boys) Not sure if they've already
  14. I knew about the stipulations for the Camping MB, so we obviously haven't accomplished much in completing that in the last year. I just wasn't sure what others mean when they say they go camping each month. The boys canceled a hiking overnight last fall because they didn't want to camp in the cool weather and elected to hold a "lock in" playing games, movies etc. Those have been held at least three times in the last year. They've 'camped' at the Ozarks three times, but it's in a building free to them to use. I just learned that they actually cook in there too. Previously I was un
  15. Normally I would say this is a silly question. But the more I think about it, the more confused I become. Doesn't help that the troop we are in hasn't tent camped other than resident camp in almost a year. So, what constitutes camping? Must you use a tent? May the overnight be in a cabin? What if it's a building but your meals are prepared over a campfire? (I won't ask about the 'sleepovers' we have.) Or is it just the Committee Chair and Scoutmasters call?
  16. No, it's not the that one, it is the Battle of the Bulge Historical Trail patch. The TransAtlantic Council created it to recognize Boy Scouts that completed the requirements. So would that be considered a temporary patch?
  17. What are the Cubs going to look forward to if they allready have three (3) plus years Resident Camping under thier belt when they become WEBELOS? More camping experience, fun, adventure, friendship, activities, etc! My son has attended Resident Camp as a Cub Scout four times and just left for his first year as a Boy Scout. He is just as excited as ever for this opportunity. Many times those are their only opportunities to go camping. If there is nothing to look forward to I would be looking at the program. Is the same exact program offered every year? That would lead to boredom
  18. Oops, guess I need to change that. We just moved back to the US. I was bummed we had to move right after he bridged to Boy Scouts. It would have been so neat for him to do some of the international events coming up. Nothing was ever available like that for them as Cubs.
  19. May a Boy Scout can wear a temporary patch they 'earned' when they were a Cub Scout? My son earned a Historic Trail patch as a CS right before he bridged over to BS and would like to wear it now. Thanks for your help!
  20. Guess I should start a new thread since I'm asking about a Boy Scout, not a leader. Sorry!
  21. So after reading this discussion is it safe to say that a Boy Scout can wear a temporary patch they 'earned' when they were a Cub Scout? My son earned a Historic Trail patch right before he bridged over to BS and would like to wear it now. Thanks for your help!
  22. Thanks ScoutDad, but I think part of the frustration was trying to figure out how many kids we had in the Pack and Den each month. We're on a military installation and during the summertime we have a lot of people leave during that timeframe, so each month I had to work with a different number.
  23. Thank you all! I knew they probably wouldn't check up on us, but all the same last year I stressed over attendance lists, formulas, etc to make sure half of the boys met to meet the Pack award, and then again for the Den award, lol. I'm just that way about things. At least I don't have to worry about doing it this year for the Pack ribbon.
  24. Thanks, that's what I thought, but for a reason unknown someone at Council gives the opposite advise. I don't know if that individual is mistaken or the Council really thinks that. They can't change National award requirements, correct?
  25. I've received conflicting advise on the Summertime Pack Award. Does a Pack just have to plan an event for each summer month, or does it also require a certain amount of attendance for each event? (I know the latter is required for the Den ribbon) Thanks!
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