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  1. Hallo John-in-KC, it's Stephanie from Lee's Summit! Thank you for the advise (everyone). I knew we could pro-rate the registration fee and Boys Life, it was the Pack dues that had me stumped. I like the idea of splitting the year in half though, it sounds much better than trying to create our own schedule of pro-rated dues. We still provide the handbook, etc no matter when they join, so we could potentially loose money (unless they're transfering). Hopefully we can re-coup the loss through fundraisers. I'm just over thinking it and want to be sure we are fair to all families while
  2. dlearyous

    Pack Dues

    Our Pack recharter fees are $65 which includes registration, Boys Life, insurance, handbook, neckerchief, slide and all awards. Our recharter was in January. Our delima is what to charge when Boys join after this time period. We are a military community and have a lot of change over during the year and most boys end up transfering or joining the beginning of the school year. It gets confusing when you try to take every situation into consideration, such as are they transfering and already have their gear, or are they brand new to Scouts and need it all. Then with late summer registr
  3. Wow, no CC? Our Council told us we have to have a CC over a CM. When our CC moved our CM had to turn in paperwork and switch over to the CC position. Thankfully we eventually found a CM.
  4. Aaah, traditional vs official uniform blouse. It wasn't mentioned as such earlier in the document, just as yellow official blouse, but now I do recall reading it elsewhere as the traditional blouse. Why not go with yellow or blue?! Much easier to understand and probably would have caused me less panic thinking I've been wearing my temp patch wrong all this time.
  5. Ha ha jmwalston! There's no problem there for me unfortunately. But it does indicate Cub Scout Leaders and females (not sure why they have to differentiate though).
  6. I was trying to find the correct placement of the name tag on my C.S. Leader's uniform, and looked up the Scout Leader uniform inspection sheet on the BSA website. I was surprised to read "Cub Scout leaders and female leaders wearing the traditional uniform shirt or blouse may wear one temporary insignia centered above the Boy Scouts of America strip." Is this a new guideline? I thought it was supposed to be centered on the right pocket?
  7. We're overseas, so the opportunities are even more limited! I think when my husband and I were Tiger Leaders we did the Movie Theater for the communication Go See It. The kids really enjoyed it!
  8. The requirements also state "Contact the host team each month and provide support as needed for one year." Would this mean you can't get your Tiger Knot until a year after you completed your tenure as a Tiger leader?
  9. Well your posts bring up an interesting question I have then. Our Cub Scout Leader Specific training is done as a group. If I am understanding your posts, we are actually supposed to have different sessions for each position? I also did not learn anything new from the Specific training. I definately didn't understand why we all had to pay different course fees when we were all getting the same lesson. The fee was even supposed to inlude all materials and lunch, but it didn't. We just got a print out of the information we went over: Pack organizaton and elements of a good meeting. Well, I
  10. Wow Jen3sons, can we borrow your Dads?! That sounds so awesome. I've really gotten some great ideas to go on and will search for more. Especially for the space derby coming up.
  11. For those of you that give out lots of awards, during the awards process how do you keep it from dragging on? Also, during the derby, how do you keep it interesting for those kids that aren't racing at that moment? After a couple hours, they are bouncing off the walls.
  12. I did notice how a lot of things were being repeated going from the Tiger handbook to the Wolf handbook and was disappointed, at first that is, then realized it is helping to reinforce what the boys have learned and to progressively learn more about the "subject". However, I was replying to your post about Cub Scouts below Webelos being restricted from outdoor cooking. Not to the post on Tigers lighting a campfire. The conflict in your statement from the BSA guidelines and the Wolf requirement to cook and outdoor meal is what confuses me.
  13. One of the Wolf Badge requirements is to help plan, prepare and cook an outdoor meal with an adult. Therefore if BSA's Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activites states outdoor cooking is restricted to Webelos level & higher it confuses me.
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