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  1. ditdo! How can you be a non-camping troop? Our troop camps every month except May and December, and then we have troop day out, and go to the BIG CITY and do things. Several months we have weekenders that are 2 nights out. These non-camping troops are cheating the boys.
  2. Man have I got one. Our son was setting for Star, he went in, started his board of review and then the door opened. He had that look on his face, as his mother, I know it well, something was wrong. A BOR member came over to me to explain that he had not met the req to advance, that he had the correct amount of merit badges, but they were not the correct one. I tried to hold my calm, but I could feel the explosion incide coming up and on it's way out. Then the SM came over to me to explain that he had overlooked the fact that he had completed all ER MB,except for a couple, and that he needed on
  3. Can anyone give me some feedback on good tents. We have recently bought a few and already having problems. Troop Comm says we are sending them back, but that is going to put us in a crunch for tent space. What is everyone else using and what do you like. I kinda like the Coleman Sundome 8X8 or 10X10 - we have a few tall boys. HELP!
  4. You must always to remember to look at what you are doing through the eyes of a child. Then you will know if you are truely having a good time or a rotten time. I'm sure you will make a great addition to the council and the troop. good luck supermom
  5. very well put and it needed to be said!
  6. My head is spinning from this thread! LOL So what happens when the program is altered and the current SM is not likey to correct the problem? Do you leave for a better run troop? supermom
  7. We had the same problem at summer camp. This young man did not pass his swimmers test. He would go to free swim, but would not work on his skills. So I notice this was going on, had a talk with the pool director and explained his concern with the water. The older staff got together and became a cheerleading team everyday he showed up to swim. The last day we had discussed it at camp he and his buddy head off to the pool. He had decieded to take the swimmers test one last time. The other boys in our troop deceided that it was important that he pass the test, they skiped there regularly sche
  8. working with these boys I think and hear more belchers than talk about the bleachers! LOL I tried to delete the second message and it deleted both! So I retyped it and will ask a computer guru that I know. I only hit the post button once and when I hit enter it just moves me down a line. CLR(This message has been edited by supermom)(This message has been edited by supermom)
  9. We have done the following or I have been involved in the following scout projects. We have several historical military sites, that are let go and every 5 to 7 years we clean them, cut brush and get presentable again. Also we have painted a huge retaining wall in our town that tends to collect grafite, we have planted trees, we have reconstructed an Indian that is made of cement that stands in a historical park( seems that the rivial town continues to beat him up) We have most recently rebuilt belchers at a little league baseball field. I have also known of one scout that built wood duck hou
  10. Are you judging these kids? This is not our job. We are teaching valuable life skills, with or without earrings, noserings, or other rings, etc. We all have somthing the may not be the "norm". So do not look down your noses at these that do not follow the "norm" instead learn something from them. you may be enriched! supermom
  11. It seems to me from the original post that the wagon was brought and borrowed by the adults. Did the boys ask to borrow the wagon? or was it available for their use? Either way, I agree with Laura take it as a tax right off and mark this one up as a lesson learned..
  12. We have the 3 ton trailer (2 of them) and the 100 pound chuck box. When I was a kid camping with family we had a chuck box made out of old milk cartes. I'll have to ask mother what ever happened to that thing. but it had a part of almost half of the old back door screen on it, I think Dad cut the top of the screen door off, because the bottom had a hole and they attached it to the milk crates and we had a light weight chuck box, with handy compartments Oh the MEMORIES. If I can locate a pattern, I will let you know, it was something that Dad just whipped up. I'm sure of. There are pro
  13. I tend to agree with Scouter Paul. 4 would be more the min. in our troop. Murphy tends to follow our troop around like a lost puppy. We have had several instances where we need that other adlut and yes WE all packed up and left, due to lack of leadership. Plus limiting adult/parent participation you maybe missing the next SM that is just needing a couple of great outings to get them to raise their hand for training the next go around. It seems to me that some of you/ your troops have never been leader/adult needy, as we have, and any one that is a parent/guardian is ask to go until
  14. Ihave to first agree with Venturer2002, that some of you need to look at the Scout Law a little closer before making your post! I would not know of a time in OUR Troop that we would ever want to limit adults. In this day and time as stated before, I want to know the parents of the boys my child is around and know what type of people they are. Some of you are looking at the negative side of parents on outings. If they are in the way, give them tasks to do. Assign them things to keep them busy and out of the fun of the boys. take along a knot book and tell them to learn how to tie knots,
  15. I have to agree with redfeather, that the best place for all adults is in there chair with a cup of coffee participating by observance. LOL I know in the winter, We need additional adults to go so that if someone need to go to admin or someplace else, the other adults can take turns keeping the chairs warm. LOL. In all seriousness, It appears to be dangerous only with two adults. We average 12 to 19 boys per outing and seem to always have 3 leaders, sometimes 4 ( if we can let #4 be in charge of the coffee pot.)LOL I think BW said that if you only have two and one leaves for a me
  16. maybe this is your blessing, they won't come back, can you get that lucky. Just take the BSA motto and " Be Prepared" when they do! Good luck Supermom
  17. I went to round table last night to find out that our re-charter stuff was back from council, (yes it took 6 months) and noticed that all the men listed in our troop except for the SM and one ASM have never been trained. I was shocked. I will be signing up for SM training and Wood badge for this fall. Pray for good weather. I appreciate all the comments on this thread, it makes me feel better that I am not alone in this endeaver, as a woman. rlculver45, I have tried to stand back, because I am like you on one comment I do not want to smother my older son, but on the other had, I want
  18. Lucky for me I am the Mom of two very active scouts. The older 11 JAR (going on 16) is in the BSa trrop and the other, my 8 year old JKR is a wolf this year. There have been times in our troop that had I not gone on the scout outing, they would have not been able to go. Our SM has a webelo that will join the troop in Feb 03, he has gone on several outings as his two older brothers are BSA. But thoes two older brothers strongly object when he does go. In our case, i always as JAR is he minds if JKR goes with us on the campout, day out or whatever. I would never take JKR on an outing th
  19. We have 1 adult for every 5 to 6 boys. But always have two ( of course) we have had as many as 5 at summer camp before. I think that the more camping together the adults do with their son will only enhance the relationship. Never turn away a parent willing to help. Get them trained, if they want to attend campouts and activities. I must agree with Bob White that Scouting is a family event. We have often had siblings come on outings before, because we needed another adult and that was our way of getting them for the weekend a 2 for 1 deal. You may be cheating the boys by limiti
  20. shew!!! I feel a little better. thanks for all the great comments, I look forward to more. Plus I will lay back until i get the "Scout pox" I am looking at taking the ACM position this should fill my void! P.S. If anyone can tell me why my messages post twice I would appreciate it. I have emailed scouter and they don't know why? Send me a private email if you would. Thanks Cheryl
  21. Here's a question for a more seasoned scouter. How can I do a board of review on a scout that his father(also SM) planned and helped carry out the scout eagle project, and instructed all the helpers on what to do and when to be there and so on? Then when the project was not completed, had two other sons go and complete the project with the eagle canidate.
  22. Before I dig a big hole, I would like to hear about some of your experiences making the transition from Cub(Webelo) in to your BSA troop. It has been a difficult row for me (us) me and a co-leader) to hoe, but I think we are making progress. We at first were asked to join the troop, then when we did, we were treated like outcast for a while, then when we started going on the weekend trips, because no other leaders were available, I think we are being appreciated more. Our offical is troop comm members, not ASM. Just wondering if anyone else had had the same experiences. We just tried to sta
  23. Hey Laura17: I'm with you as the GSA program is what the leaders make of it. I was in a VERY activity troop as a young girl. We went camping every single month, and not like some of the BSA. We went primative camping, take the shovel and everything. I remember the day I explained to my 5 webelos what primative camping was, they all blushed. They thought that all camping areas came with latrines. SURPRISE. Of course we had only been camping to our council areas, I had not ventured them out to far, as they seemed sheltered a bit, but they have all been thriving in the new troop- after a bi
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