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  2. We also have one of the big plastic tubs from Wal Mart and it works great for the dry goods. I did get a plan for a box and built it. It is heavy but they can still carry it a little ways. I don't plan on using it much longer as we are going to start hiking soon. The troop is going slowly, but we set a gole to double the troop size this year. This will only give us 12 boys but the ones I have now have been fast learners and are going to be good teachers to the new boys. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Thanks for all the insights on chuck boxes. We are still camping from the car but as soon as we get the troop up and running good I would like to go on some hikes. I liked the idea of having the boys hike the last couple of miles to the campsite. Thia sounds like a good way to get them started hiking. Being a new Scoutmaster I am learning more every day. I have only been in Scouts for 4 years, but love it. This is the first year for all my scouts but one so we are all learning together. Again thanks everybody for the help.
  4. I am new at being a Scoutmaster and I have a new troop. I am looking for any information on building chuck boxes. Any help would be appreciated.
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