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  1. I'm sorry to be so late in posting here. I've been out of state all summer. MacGregor-Smith is situated in my county. We were apprised of the sale quite some time ago - I think about two-three years. For a year after the announcement, our local troops and packs were allowed to continue using the facilities as usual. This past year the site has been closed to us so far as I am aware. At least, our troop and pack have not used it. We did use the docking facilities for a canoe trip last spring. I would encourage any troop interested in visiting our area to check out our state's ma
  2. Brother Bob -- I have to admit that I agree with you, and beg you all to forgive my poor choice of words concerning the first two points. Of course he didn't quit - he "aged out". He also changed his mind about becoming an adult leader and about joining the Venturing Crew. I'm sure the continuing nastiness between mother and troop was a major factor in that mind-changing. My troop ought to award the palms to this scout in a COH. Having lost the argument, we should be gracious, IMO. It's too bad that we didn't even know they'd been sent out to the family. They didn't come to us
  3. Just thought I'd bump this up. I'd really like those references, since I've re-read the documents mentioned and still don't see what I guess I should. To update: The scout has received the 2 additional palms National directed us to award him. Not sure exactly who sent them, or who paid for them, since troop did not do either. His mother is still angry and upset, still calling Council Advancement, because we did not hold a COH to give these to him. Frankly, we were unaware that they'd been sent until Council informed us of the complaint yesterday. This young man quit the troop wh
  4. I just gotta bite on this one --- If there is no belief in a god of some sort, there is no religion. There is only opinion. Religion is the "ritual observance of faith" (credit Webster's dictionary). The storage company doesn't ask about differences of opinion. acco40, I'd say you're clear to go.
  5. Funny thing -- down here it's the well-off scouts that DO fundraise. The less fortunate keep relying on troop "camperships", which come with strings attached. Go figure. As for motivating the boys, make sure they know what the fundraiser is for specifically. I'm sure you do this. I found it useful to itemize what the fundraisers are for: airfare, camp fees, troop activity at camp, etc. Try to establish a sense of teamwork - that all must pull their weight for everyone's benefit. Trying to curb parental check-writing by talking to the parents and the scouts may help, starting when t
  6. Pardon me if I seem incredibly dense, I am still trying to assimilate all the details. IF I accept that the SM is responsible for ititiating all the SMCs, several things must be true: 1) The troop's adult leaders have been in error for 30+ years (and counting - nothing's changed yet) 2) There would have been sufficient time between BORs to qualify this scout for the two additional palms, which was the main sticking point for the Board, assuming the SM pursued the scout on schedule every three months 3) We've been tremendously fortunate this never occurred before for any r
  7. We also have a business account, as I understand it. Neither do we pay deposit fees, or fees for other people's bounced checks. I can tell you that all checks are made out to the Troop. As a parent, I would strongly resist being made to handle checks for my son's fundraising efforts privately. I don't want any legal liability attached to me should financial matters not go right for some reason. I agree with FOG - something's fishy. What's behind her behavior? (high-strung, defensive, paranoid, tantrum) What's the real root of her request? There's something more than meets the
  8. Bob White -- I hesitate to say that we've had another misunderstanding. I never meant to imply that the SMCs were the responsibility of the SM to initiate. I'm not sure I agree with that, yet. I was trying to point out that our SM is willing to have a conference with a scout wherever or whenever, should the regularly scheduled day be inconvenient. This is something our Scout of 6+ years of membership knew AND took advantage of occassionally. This is the main reason why I was surprised by his mother's reaction: "What?! MY SON'S supposed to arrange the SM conference?!" (As if she didn
  9. Sorry I've been away so long. To answer Bob White's question about citing the source of my/our concept that the Scout initiates the SM conference - I was just going to answer for myself, but decided to check where the others got their (same) bright idea. I was told this was the correct procedure at a Council training session for Troop Committees. I recall because it hasn't been that long ago, and because it was a direct answer to a direct question. I suspect that the rest of us who were trained locally were told the same. The people I asked were ones I knew were trained out of Council, ev
  10. Our Scoutmaster's huge, clunky briefcase exploded one meeting night. Rather than get a new one, he used 2 bungee cords to keep it together. The troop finally took pity on him, and he now sports a medium-sized bright red pilot case. We figured with all his stuff he must be about to throw his back out! I haven't actually finished snooping through all his "sacred stuff" (), but it looks like he has pretty much what y'all have. He also carts a milk-crate full of files and forms, plus occassionally the many-drawered gadget box full of badges, stars and stuff. (The last mainly lives with
  11. FOG -- If you will refer to my previous post, you will realize the word I used concerning chaperonage was "sufficient" (as in enough), not "proper". It would be a wide-open opportunity for lawsuits if our Scouter were alone with a troop full of pubescent females. As for proper chaperonage of female BSA Scouters, to which group I belong, let me say that I don't need a chaperone, so I don't insist on one. However, I wouldn't ever be alone with any boy other than my own son wherever we might be. It's against the two-deep leadership requirement.
  12. Our BSA troop has an informal partnership with a Girl Scout troop that's about two hours away from us. We join forces for a couple of campouts each year. We also have a very active Scouter in our troop who also enjoys working with a local Girl Scout troop. I see nothing wrong with his working with the girls, as long as there is sufficient chaperonage - which there always is. I have heard some comments wondering why he does this since he has no daughter in scouts any more. However, they all seem to benefit from the set-up, and are having a lot of fun.
  13. I knew I'd get it for mentioning Krispy Kreme! Actually, our troop didn't do the doughnut sale because while it is a good fund-raiser (even within BSA parameters), our nearest supplier is over an hour away. That would require one of us getting up mighty early to be there by 6 am. None of our other endeavors (outside of Popcorn) included brand-name products. Our troop shirts do have a tiny BSA emblem, with a large troop logo on the back. Whenever anyone asks what we are fundraising for, we tell them it's for Scout summer camp, Eagle project, whatever. I'll need to re-read the rul
  14. Our troop has been doing a huge amount of fund-raising this year for our summer camp-trip to Oregon. Not Jamboree, but a similar situation. Our Council advised us that fundraising by our unit was acceptable and encouraged, but that we could not wear our "Class A" uniform to any but the Popcorn sales. So we fundraise in troop t-shirts. Let's assume you get the "go-ahead" -- As to what to do for fundraising, I expect you'll get as many ideas here and where you live as there are people to offer them. The main this I, as Fundraising Chair for our troop, would suggest you do is to mak
  15. I agree with Ed. Your son needs to do the new requirements since he began the work after the badge revision. Therefore, as a point of clarification, if a boy has already started a MB and then the badge undergoes revision - the former requirements are still in effect. This is the way I interpret MB requirements for which I am counselor.
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