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  1. E Man, Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Those guys are on burnout, and just don't know it. When things collapse around them, they will come running to you for help. And, they will collapse. In the mean time, just remember it is going to happen. Guys like that don't make it for long. In the mean time, get a copy of your favorite guidebook (activities, camp promotion, training, etc.) and make a few copies and then ask the new boy wonder to read it and explain to you how that is being implimented in your district. If he still won't see the roses, he won't make 253 more days,
  2. I had a friend recently give me a book, and am curious as to it's value. It is a GS book, but their threads appear to get little attention. The book is "The Girl Scouts Triumph, or Rosanna's Sacrifice" by Katherine Keene Galt, 1921, the Saalfield Publishing Company; Chicago, Akron, New York. It is in superb condition. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Did I say it was a YPT violation? No, I said to treat it like one. LIKE one. Let's say you do 'card' the boy- whatever that is. and, next month he does it again. only, this time he gets the keys to the SM's truck and drives it into another tent. HMM..... Do you think some of the adults here are gonna be considered LIABLE? most attorneys will say yes. a lot of juries will too. What I said is that the Scout Executive will guide you through it. I did not say that anybody will get kicked out of scouting, although they just might. Personally, I would be furious with any a
  4. Land 'o Goshen!!! (Can I say THAT?!) Merlyn, DUDE!! Man! check this out: every application has the declaration of religious principal on it. Don't like it? Don't fill it out! check this out, too: "For similar reasons, I regard the national office of the Boy Scouts of America to be a thoroughly dishonest organization" "and that only covers the more egregious things, some of which are actual crimes. " Hey, guy.... If you don't like it here, leave. Lord forbid(I did it again!) you be a part of an organization that is so corrupt. We won't make you come bac
  5. Treat this like a youth protection thing- call your scout executive about this one. He will coach you through it.
  6. gentlemen! let's stop spitting! I am willing to bet that a) the committee is not active or in charge of the unit, b) the Chartering Organization is unable or unwilling to step in, c) the leaders are not trained, or else went to training not to learn but to get a patch (unless they have ignored what they have been taught), d) the leaders don't have the personality or ability to attract new parents/boys( they may be running the program in a way that is attractive only to themselves and not in an ideal fashion), e) no one on the district level is getting their hands in the mess in an ac
  7. Publication 14-630 says that he is to provide professional coaching (to all those guys and gals that call him at all hours of the day and night, as well as propose plans and agendas for all areas of the district structure, suggest action plans for recruiting district personnel, and to give encouragement and inspiration to all scouters in the district. He is also expected to maintain regular contact with the heads of chartering institutions, keep district records up to date, arrange for council office services such as mailings, meeting notices, etc. and provide behind the scenes administrative
  8. gee whiz.... I am glad I am not the new guy. By your own admission he is green as a gourd. If a member of the district committee or commissioner staff cannot recognize that, then they have no business being in their position. Talk to the Council commissioner about replacing a commissioner, or if you are the District Chairman, fire the committee member who plans to give him grief. Let the guy grow up on his own. The public will tell him about his handshake or beard. It seems to me that you folks are more concerned about a new guy than doing your volunteer jobs. Shouldn't you be concern
  9. the walnut hulls have the most dye- you can even use them green. the more you pound or boil them, the more the colorant is released. you can boil steel in the stuff ( like a knife blade) and allow it to cool, and if you have put enough colorant on it, it will look like a well seasoned pot. and, the blade will not rust except where it has been sharpened. a stroke of wax will make a knife virtually waterproof. yes, it will dye leather very well. you can actually paint on the color, and when air dried, it will stay with it. good luck
  10. As I recall flint, chert and agate are all made up of superfine silicon crystals that precipitate out of the sea which was responsible for the formations you are talking about MY POINT EXACTLY! Now, please explain how the shapes got there- there is virtually NO superfine deposits in the strata. Look at it with an open mind. You will see a blob of flint more than a foot thick, and extending ten feet across, and within the strata that contains it there will be no loose formation if flint. Just limestone on limestone. If precipitation is the correct mode of deposit, why is it in thick b
  11. Dung beetles are interesting and so are the theological ideas that the Egyptians had about them. Their concepts, however, have no scientific validity I agree- except that they did not differ Science from religion; they commonly believed that praying to a dung beetle would change the weather and such. A very obvious mix of science and religion. Since you like to speak of not mixing the two. Even granting the Book of Job an age on the old side, say 700 BC, that can in no way compare with stella from say the first dynasty in Egypt to around 3000 BC. ok. Lesson time. The first
  12. Actually, acceptance of an old earth was almost universal among both scientists and the clergy. Hogwash. The clergy has never, as a whole or in majority, accepted the idea of the very old age of the earth. Those who believe in the literal word can trace the lineage of mankind back from the time of Christ to Adam, a period while questioned that still remains in the area of 5 to 7 thousand years. And, that is to the very first literal day of this earths existance. No, sir. It has not been universally accepted. Acceptance of the transmutation of species was also commonly accepted.
  13. an interesting thought! erosion is just what it is. Why could it not be a part of God's plan? I am assuming (am I correct?) that you are also thinking of longterm erosion- like glaciers, breaking rock into sand, etc. I CANNOT speak for others, only myself. I don't think that some of those things were created over millions of years. I personally think that they were created in a radically different way. We will get to that later, though. Please be more specific as to what you mean in your question.
  14. Rooster, could you explain how men influenced the sheep's behavior? Let me speak out of turn here. I dont know where these sheep originated from, nor do I know how they were raised. I would bet they had been run through some kind of commercial sheep operation. And I do know that I have shot a pile of Synovex into the ears of calves, and they dont always act like normal little guys after that. Sometimes, they get limp wristed after getting a dose of the stuff. FYI, Synovex is a VERY common growth hormone used in smaller calves to make them grow faster and muscle up better. We know t
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