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  1. dawnydiesel

    Disability Awareness Belt Loop Questions

    I am the Special needs representative and trainer in my district and this type of question/s is actually quite common. I have some suggestions if you are going to do a DA type pack meeting, if you don't mind. The stations you have thought of are wonderful... but I see them working better on a troop level. I would do more "hands on" type stations for the cub scout group level. Such as, attempting to tie a know with one hand, a braille constellation station, wheelchair races, cub scout motto in sign language, etc... I think you will get a MUCH better reaction and to be honest, the kids will remember it more AND learn more from that moreso than just lecture type material.
  2. dawnydiesel

    St. Louis University of Scouting

    So glad to hear you enjoyed it. I was one of the trainers for the college and I'm immensely pleased to hear that.
  3. dawnydiesel

    Tiger Track Immediate Recognition Question

    You are correct, Tigers get their Immediate Recognition Badge when they learn those three things. They CANNOT earn Bobcat at the same time because the requirements for the Bobcat badge is different. They also need to know the handshake, promise, Law of the Pack, Webelos meaning, and the adult/family safety do-jobbie.
  4. dawnydiesel

    Adult conduct

    The CO won't be an issue as they clearly have said they don't want to be involved with decisions such as this. They believe it's up to the pack leadership. The CM wants everyone to get along, the CC wants them out, and the majority of the committee wants them out. Nobody wants to be the one to put their behind on the line as they don't want to be involved per se but have asked me what to do here. With this not being the first time, several parents are ready to just leave. (The husband/father is a Web leader) This is only the proverbial camel straw situation as there's been other drama for darn near a year leading up to this. This isn't my first time removing a leader BUT it is the first time with the adult in question not being in a leadership/committee position.
  5. dawnydiesel

    Adult conduct

    I am a UC for a few packs. I did a charter presentation ceremony tonight at one of the pack meetings. Tonight, an adult parent (who used to be on the committee but recently stepped down to personal issues and drama) behaved so rudely and very un-scoutlike. She was not happy that her son did not pass uniform inspection, cursed at the pack secretary (in which 3 other parents overheard) and her teenage daughter crumpled up the piece of paper stating as to why the boy did not pass uniform inspection and threw it at the pack secretary. First, where would I have rules and regulations of adult conduct? Second, I know what I WANT to do and what I more than likely need to do but I want to have all my ducks in a row before I proceed. There are at least 4 sets of parents ready to pull their boys from this pack because of this woman (and her family) and their constant drama.
  6. dawnydiesel

    Charter presentation ceremony

    One of my packs just recruited a new charter organization. (I'm the Unit Commissioner) The pack just signed up to do an open house at the April pack meeting to get Cardinals tickets for the boys. I'm wanting to do a charter presentation ceremony at that pack meeting. Now, I have the charter presentation ceremony example listed in the UC manual but it's troop-specific and to be honest, I'm not digging it. Any ideas or examples of some you've seen in the past?
  7. dawnydiesel

    Fixing Commissioner Service

    am proposing that councils have units submit a unit health questionnaire at least a couple times a year; at least in autumn and spring. This questionnaire would ask about things like leader training, communication, planning, advancement, recruiting, leaders serving multiple positions, functioning committee, meeting and outing frequency, etc. These could be scored to identify units that have problems that can be fixed. There IS a form like that specifically for Unit Commissioners. I use it everytime I do a pack meeting visit. I believe it's called Unit Commissioner Worksheet (pack). There's one for each unit type. Once savable units are identified, unit commissioners could be assigned. Who determines which units are salvageable? What are the determining factors? That seems too subjective for me. One of the biggest problems I run into as UC, is that we're not really wanted. That is, until we're needed. The assumption that the UC is a "spy" and trying to push their weight around is one I run up against with practically every unit I service. I have but one pack that genuinely appreciates what I have the ability to do for them and welcomes me.
  8. dawnydiesel

    Editable Den Leader Forms

    Why can't you use the forms in the Den Leader handbook?
  9. dawnydiesel

    Who Pays for Belt loops in your pack?

    The parents pay for the loops for their boys in our pack.
  10. dawnydiesel

    Reward good behavior

    I made up "bucks". Tiger bucks, wolf bucks, etc... The parents and my assistant were given a stack to give out to the boys randomly. "Timmy, I noticed you were sitting there nicely." "Johnny, you did what you were asked the first time." So on and so forth.. Then once a month, the cubs got to bring me their bucks. For every five bucks, they got to pick from the "Cub box" which was full of cheap dollar toys. They had to keep track of their own bucks from meeting to meeting which gave them a bit of responsibility as well. I haven't had a den yet that it didn't work well.
  11. Nascar? Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks Wow. Way to generalize and make yourself sound like a tactless, classless, and ignorant fool. Yes, I am a Nascar fan and no, I'm far from being a redneck. But I really don't feel the need to defend myself, or my hobbies, to you.
  12. dawnydiesel

    Why are you Adults Doing This?

    Honestly? Because it makes me feel good. I'm a Wolf leader, Tiger leader for the summer, Special Needs Trainer, and was just asked to be Unit Commissioner. I love doing this with my son, but to be completely honest, it makes me feel good.
  13. dawnydiesel

    Looking for other Dens

    I'm in. I have both a Wolf den and a Tiger den that would participate.
  14. dawnydiesel


    I couldn't even read these for the repeated use of the word "retarded". Seriously? Everyone has their pet peeves and boy, you just hit mine. That said, and granted I'm in Cub Scouts, without my parents? I'd have no den. Plain and simple. I understand where everyone else is coming from within the Boy Scout rank but I push parental involvement as much as I can right now.
  15. dawnydiesel

    Autistic scouts

    4. Have you attended the St. Louis are council's special needs training? I have a pretty good hunch that our friend Dawnydiesel that posted above may know a tad bit about St. Louis area council's program. Your hunch would be more than correct. I'm in the Greater St. Louis area and our council's program is amazing. I hate to sound all braggy but we deal with even more special needs than what I listed. We just had our special needs camp last weekend and even though we had tornadoes and our scouts didn't camp overnight, it was still a great turnout. I'm pretty proud to be a part of this program.