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  1. My son's troop has adopted the FYFC enthusiastically - at least one of the ASM's who runs the 1st year program has. Even the CC refers to it as our Webelos III program. Some of the negative results I think I've seen include The no fun summer camp - (on one night I resorted to giving some of the 1st years $5 to go to the trading post so the ASM wouldn't find them and make 'em work on requirements in the evening) Mucking up the transition to boy scouts/independence Meetings are odd - the 1st years have their regulated meetings, some of the 2nd years will help the ASM with his p
  2. RichK


    For $10 per year, you can register a domain name with Google (https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/domain/new). This allows you to set up a website with Google sites - or you can point the url to a website hosted elsewhere. It also allows you to create email accounts (I think up to 100) which uses the same interface as gmail, but with your domain name. You get access to all their cloud apps as well. I managed to create a pretty good site with their templates. I like it MUCH better than godaddy, which I've found painful to navigate through the advertisements. I find godaddy very obnoxious
  3. Troop 676 - whose Scoutmaster is Ryan Jordan of Backpacking Light magazine has some great info: http://troop676.net/resources/ Rich
  4. My brother was in a wheelchair while I was growing up and I currently have a placard for my son (whose disability is one of those 'invisible' ones). I think trying to make a learning experience of it would be great - there's the new disabilities awareness belt loop that could tie in. However, this would fall into one of my 'hot button' issues where I am unwilling to compromise (the other one would be littering). The cubmaster's choices would just make me squirm and I'd probably be unable to keep it to myself - this is probably unfortunate, since I doubt a heated discussion would benef
  5. I attended my first Polar Bear as a assistant leader with my 1st yr son. We had a pretty cold night (-4 ish) and in the morning there were about 5 scouts who were in some distress - either lethargic or cold extremities. It all worked out, but some of the comments in the earlier thread made me wonder. There were no bedchecks at night and in the morning, the scouts with the trouble were identified more by chance than by anything else. It seems that a quick fall-in with an inspection - to make sure everyone is properly dressed with dry clothes would help us positively identify scouts who w
  6. One caution would be is he motivated to do a good or even great job - not just put together the bare minimum. I've seen a CC continue long after her son was out of Cub scouts and the program suffered. I think there needs to be some motivation for putting together an exciting event - either because your own child is part of it or as others suggested he's a former scout or just is interested in doing things right RK
  7. RichK

    Pack Website?

    my pack uses facebook and shutterfly . . mainly for distributing pictures. If you want to go with Google Sites, I'd recommend registering the domain name with Google, not Godaddy. with Google, for $10, you get individual email accounts (using gmail, but with your own 'site'.com) I'm not familiar with the scout-centered services. It might be a good idea . . even if you are knowledgeable, you'll want to pass it off some day to someone who may have a tougher time maintaining a complex site.
  8. I'm starting my 2nd stint as DL - went with 1st son from Tiger to Webelos. My 2nd son is a Bear, and I'm the 3rd (and hopefully last) DL for this den. Anyway, I'd say I suffered from a bit of burnout with my older son's den. Essentially, I got tired of taking time away from my children when time after time, other parents wouldn't step up to help. It isn't the time during the meetings that I had a problem with, but rather the prep time that took away from other activities. During Den meetings, our time was either spent with me working with all scouts together or with all the parents w
  9. For my bear scouts I was thinking of getting a policeman to ride with us for the 'ride right' achievement. We have some regular bicycle patrolmen in our town.
  10. Look at some of the information at this site: http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/t676.html I really like the Esbit stoves for cooking individual meals . . easily measured and safe. rich
  11. Try this site; go to the bottom of the page. http://www.imrisk.com/ I don't hammock camp, but I bookmarked it because I was interested in some of the other gear. Rich
  12. Without knowing why all are attending, I would say too many. With extra adults around, it diffuses focus. Not sure what the political solution is . . my son just moved up to Boy Scouts and I've noticed most parents seem to hang out for the weekly troop meetings even. The Scouts seems like an adult club sometimes. Rich
  13. Hey all thanks for the replies - they were helpful. Parkman - I agree with limiting it to a den or pack visit - I think the written requirements are out of line and more involved than other belt loops. Scoutfish - you are right on a lot of points . . need to show common ground as much as the differences. Eliza - regarding the Boy Scout MB, that's the one that makes me more uncomfortable . . the thought that it's set up to have the disabled scouts be used as the subject for a MB . . It's odd that it's inherently easier for the other scouts to earn the award than my disabled son . . I gue
  14. As the father of a Bear scout with a cognitive impairment (CI), I've thought to encourage the dens to earn the Disabilities Awareness Belt Loop. After looking through the requirements I have these thoughts on the subject 1. Doesn't seem like the requirements work well with stressing CI vs physical disability. To me it sort of feels like a 'freak show' a bit. Of course this might be my own unawareness . . certainly no one likes to be put on display, but it seems that a person with some physical impairment at least has a fuller understanding as to what he is taking part in. 2. I que
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