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  1. I'm still here because the scouting movement is bigger than BSA. The scouting movement exists in the hearts and minds of millions of scouts and scouters. No bankruptcy court can take that away. If BSA folds, we will still be here to keep the spirit of scouting alive.
  2. You have got to be kidding. Our camp was right next to a reservation. We heard it all the time.
  3. Of course not. Why would they? This issue is not about Native Americans who practice a Christian religion. Nor is it about non Native Americans who practice a Native American religion. Nobody is talking about people's right to choose their religion. This issue is about people who do not practice a Native American religion, but like to dress up and imitate the rituals. Native Americans are right to feel that their traditional clothing is not a costume, and that their religious rituals are not a game.
  4. How do you feel about the Shriners?
  5. The sight of me belly dancing would instantly show the flaw in your argument. EVERYONE would protest!
  6. You should be mad at the scout executives, not the lawyers. They're the ones who killed scouting.
  7. I don't see the point in pushing through advancement requirements before BSA goes under. What value will there be in having a uniform patch from a defunct organization? It would be far better for the boys to just focus on having fun.
  8. To survive, we need to appeal to people who exist outside our close circle of dedicated scouters, dedicated parents, and dedicated scouts. We can depend on most of the choir. We need to fill the pews. More than half of my troop was made up of boys who would not have ranked scouting as their number-one activity. Most of them did not come from families with a generational history of scouting, and they did not join as a matter-of-course. Scouting is a little bit like politics. You cannot win an election by appealing only to your base. You have to go after the independent and undecided voters.
  9. It seems to me that you were the one who brought up the issue in the conclusion of your original post. You can't fault us for responding.
  10. I hope not. If there is any justice in the bankruptcy process, the Summit will be the very first thing to go.
  11. The rioters seem to have no problem in identifying the officers (targeting them with dangerous projectiles and lasers).
  12. I wouldn't bet on it. BSA may or may not survive the bankruptcy. We just don't know. Unit scouters who plug along everyday in this climate of uncertainty deserve a lot of credit for doing what they do. I suppose we should hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Be Prepared.
  13. You're right. Nobody deserves to be compared to Planned Parenthood.
  14. In Chicago, you're happy just to have survived the day without having been the victim of a drive-by shooting.
  15. Oh no! Not that! Anything but that! The HORROR of it! 😮 Not being allowed to spend our evenings on BOR's! [Sobs, wailing, gnashing of teeth] 😬
  16. I disagree. Individual parents do not have the authority to represent the unit. The COR is appointed by the Chartered Organization to represent the unit on all matters of unit-council relations. If the unit is going to ask the council to replace the commissioner assigned to their unit, it should be the COR who makes the complaint. If the parent wants a complaint made to the council, then the parent should ask the COR to make the complaint. It is important to remember that the complaint is about a commissioner whose actions exceeded his authority. It doesn't make sense for the parent to exceed his/her authority by speaking for the unit. Let the COR do his job.
  17. That's not always the reason. As an IH, I wouldn't have hesitated to use my authority if I thought the issue was important. I just didn't think boy scout ranks, and advancement issues in general, were very important. If there is one thing I have learned on this forum, it is that many people feel that ranks and advancement are all-important. Some people join scouting for the sole purpose of making eagle. I find this very odd.
  18. Thanks. My Chartered Organization was definitely in charge. The CO owned the unit. Even so, it never involved itself it matters relating to advancement.
  19. No matter how unfair and arbitrary the circumstances in a particular case may be, I think it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that leaders "destroy youth" when they deny advancement.
  20. Yes, it has been long time. It didn't surprise me (back then) that a SM might get miffed at a scout. It does surprise me (now) that he would still be holding a grudge 3 years later.
  21. Scouting will survive, even if BSA doesn't. Hopefully, whatever organization(s) take over the function of providing a scouting program for our boys, a practical, functional, comfortable, and affordable uniform should be a high priority. The scouting movement should learn from BSA's mistakes.
  22. So I'm told. Someone should have informed Norman Rockwell.
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