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  1. Even if you confront the CM with documentation and the Dr. to explain you medical situation, the accusing rumor spreading CM will NEVER acknowledge his errors. His character flaw of meglomania permits him to always be right and to discount everyone else around them. He is the true psychopath and I can't imagine how he's tolerated by the other Scout leadership. These character types do not see the positive developing Scout as a a goal in Scouting, only the boy in their power to use for his own glorification, "I'm the boys' LEADER!" You need to let the CO know what went on and Council also
  2. This month's OUTDOOR LIFE magazine has a very good Cub Scouting Article. Dave J!
  3. Our DE is always at Roundtables. A quality Roundtable is priceless for information and fellowship. I took a hiatus from this board at or around the "Wheeler" discussions. Looking in now at this time I see, perhaps, like the groundhog on Feb 2nd seeing his shadow, its still cold and unpleasant on this forum. Behavior here as in camp, and in the conduct of our daily lives is defined by the Scout Law. Anything otherwise is just bad behavior. Steal a penny from your employer, or steal millions....its still theft. I thought this forum was for getting advise, giving advise, getting answer
  4. My son has Asberger's, too. He's high end functioning and a little genius. Scouting was tough at first for all the above reasons. I'm just writing this to let you know to stay in Scouting and find a good leader. Any good Scout leader will help. There's been lots of Asbies in the past that went through Scouting before it was recognized as a specific titled condition. he Scout law has a lot to do with this. My son has grown socially far more due to Scouting than he would have otherwise. Unfortunately he doesn't share the degree of social interaction at school with non-Scouts as with Scouts,
  5. Now you've learned something about human nature, the dark side. Fall back on our Scout Motto, 'Be Prepared!" Its more than just remembering to bring those waterproof matches to camp!! YIS Dave J775!
  6. I also believe that a merit badge councellor for riflery must be a NRA certified instructor. I responded this info to an adult youth leader who asked how one becomes a MB councellor. The adult youth leader snarled up his face and scolded me for pulling his leg, "That's crazy!", he said, and continued that he "wouldn't have anything to do with an organization that said he couldn't be a councellor. I've been shooting for 30 years, I know all about guns!" he replied. As I mentioned, "shooting doesn't necessarily mean knowing all that need to be known....." But he had walked away from me by that t
  7. How can Scoutmaster slide thru training to become a Scoutmaster and have been with these boys all this time prior to becoming Scoutmaster not be discovered as the individual driving Scouts out of the troop? Was she hired out of the blue? I want to refer to an earlier statement somewhere here about 'fairness and the law.'Something like fairness is point of view, not necessarily the law. In any arguement the winner winning would consider the judgment is fair. The loser in the arguement would consider losing unfair. Perhaps the older Scouts finding out that having to keep after the younger
  8. What happens when parents and leaders have bought equipment for the troop in the past, never submitted receipts for reimbursment and just donated for the cause as the troop thrived. Now the troop is all but dissolved due to very poor recruitment and all of the Scouts, now 17 and older, have moved on or are moving on. I have been approched to return Dutch ovens, fry pans,gas lanters, and lp gas cylanders they had let the troop use while it was active. The Church Budget had always been only $100.00 for the Scouts per year! I gave as did other parents, leaders, many times over as $100.00 per year
  9. Dave J! is sorry for the error in mixing up uniform designers and apoligies to Oscar de la Rente. I also read that I wore 'leggings', not spats. Thank you for the correction! YIS, Dave J!
  10. Run a background check. It might cost $10.00 at the local Police Dept. Isn't it a requirement anyway? Any warrents will show up and the rest will be history. Why take chances where there's doubt? If he passes the check, his comment was just inapropriate. If he fails the check he'll be picked up and somebody like me, in Corrections, will be feeding him lunch. Good hunting! Dave J!
  11. This is an interesting thread! I hardly ever come here, having arrived, I'm jumping in. Wheeler says it for me. My specific observation is the uniform as BP invisioned it, 'used military uniforms that are cheap and wear well. The Scout hat is certainly the Campaign hat of the Doughboys, WWl. I have before brought up the fact that my current uniform without badges etc, designed by Ralph Lauren( at what great cost, I wonder) looks almost exactly like my USMC dress uniform I wore daily, while working in HQ CO. Camp Lejeune. It was designed to get away from the military image? I also learned t
  12. I work in Corrections and in my facility we're allowed to shift trade. I also work rotating shifts. I luck out on 8-4. So on those other Fridays I can elect to shift trade or pay out $125.00 for another C/O to work for me. At times, camping gets real expensive! Dave J!
  13. '57 and those Scout pants had pockets that could actually fold up the top and snap down so the pocket knif wouldn't fall out. My Scout knife had those blade locks, it wasn't a lock blade, and it had a special blade just for mumbly peg. WoW! A few words, images, and I'm a Tenderfoot again, Troop 35, Northport, NY. While at out Winter Camporee this last week-end, going thru March's Scouter Magazine one of the 10 essentials for survival was .....A fixed blade sheath knife!
  14. "Not for hanging on a belt.." When you buy the official BSA belt a brass attachment with a snap comes with it. I always thought it was for the Scouts official BSA folding knife. Well, I guess you could hang a compass from it, after all, the brass will not have a negative effect on the magnetic qualities of the compass. ...Semper Paratis, Dave J!
  15. our troop is a Latter day Saints troop and all the adults a r called 'Brother.' I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned as 70% Scout troops across America are LDS. So, I'm Brother Jacobs at Scouts. On the street, or by the campfire, I'll be Mr. Jacobs also which is fine. If I hear "Jake," I know I'm being addressed by a parolee or a probationer that was in my unit and again, noting that 70% figure, has a 70% chance of returning to jail. And yes, one of my former Scouts did show up in my housing unit as an inmate for a while. Scouting doesn't reach everyone, I suppose..... Dave J!,
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