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  1. Here is another twist. How about a girl, under 14, who is not a member of either the crew or troop? Does she fall under the guidelines for pistol shooting?
  2. I need clarification on an issue. There are a couple of boys who are Boy Scouts (13 years old) who have been participating in Crew activities (pistol shooting, kayaking, canoeing). An older sibling is a Crew member, and a parent is a Crew Advisor. Is it proper for these boys to be doing this?
  3. The file size of the pictures you used are much too large. I have a high speed connection, and it took quite a while to load the caving pictures page. I checked the size of one on the photos, it looks like 6MB. Way too big for internet viewing.
  4. Our troop has the Big Kahuna patrol (patrol yell; We make waves) , Rolling Roadkill patrol (Lets hit the road), Buffalo Wing patrol (We're hot and spicy!). I have also seen other unusual names in our District, such as the Mighty Hamsters (patrol yel
  5. Why does the BSA have a Firem'n Chit (which allows the bearer to carry matches and build fires) if units ban matches? Does this apply to a certain age group? How about 17 year old Scouts? Are they old enough to be trusted?
  6. Matches are a must-have in our troop. We have never had any real trouble with them, although a couple of years ago one of our scouts used his matches to light the spray form an aerosol can of bug spray (even though aerosol cans are forbidden at campouts). The resulting flamethower was impressive, but very dangerous. Besides the flamethrower danger, cans have been known to explode while doing this, causing loss of fingers & hands. We took away the scout's firem'n chit for several months, during which he had to give a class on fire safety to the entire troop. He was also suspended from campo
  7. Our first year scouts did a rifle/shotgun campout this past January. They did rock climbing last year. Nothing in the GSS says they can't do these things, as far as I can see. The boys love this stuff. Plan for it, do it!
  8. Is it right for an Adult Leader to question the SM? Yes, if done correctly. Our troop has a great Scoutmaster, but nobody is perfect. We are good friends, but if I see something I think is not right, I will let him know. He of
  9. The conservation project is not one of the options, it is a requirement. As for the gear question, the qualifications are "properly prepared". To me that means prepared for that activity, not the whole weekend How much gear do you need for a 15 mile bike tr
  10. "We tell the parents that if they aren't willing to be involved that they had better find a new troop." Patience...I was not involved with the troop for the first year of my son's Boy Scout career. I was gently "worked on", and the next thing I know,
  11. Seems very clear to me. The ASPL steps in when the SPL cannot perform his duties.
  12. I am not clear on something, which Bob White touched on. Was this person removed as Cubmaster and then allowed to register as a Webelos Den Leader, or has he just stepped in? If he has not been allowed register, how can he be a Den Leader? If he was allowed to register, why did the Committee Chair and COR approve?
  13. I must admit I am not too keen on the merger. One of our adults brought up the idea, and said it could be done. I just wanted some info on the procedure, if there is one. I think the adult is worried that the crew will fold, and there will be no place for his daughter.
  14. Seems to me that the Red Cross updates more frequently than the BSA. You could explain the way that the BSA describes it, but then add on the "current best practices" from the Red Cross.
  15. Our Crew is struggling to survive, and the main advisor is looking to retire from day-to-day involvement. Some advisors want the Crew to "tag along" on some Troop functions, especially the high adventure type campouts. Is there any way a Troop and Crew can merge? I know you can have a Venture Patrol within a Troop, but that patrol cannot be coed, can it? Is there a way for the Troop Commitee and Crew Committee to be the same? We have people in the Troop that say it can be done, but I don't see how. Any advice?
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