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  1. Cubmaster Chris

    Slides.... honorary or disrespectful?

    I like making slides myself, too. I think it would be neat to have these as slides and I don't think of it as disrespectful. I say go for it! --------------------------------------------------- Cubmaster Chris PTC Media Podcasts by Scouters, for Scouters Listen at www.ptcmedia.net ---------------------------------------------------
  2. Cubmaster Chris

    Scouting Blogs and Podcasts

    Here are some Scout related podcasts: The Pack Podcast: http://www.thepackpodcast.com/ ClothTalk: http://www.scouthistory.net/blog/ PTC Media: http://www.ptcmedia.net Includes: An Hour A Week? Podcast, Akela's Adventure, The Leader's Campfire Melrose Scouting Productions: http://melrosetroop68.org/podcast/podcast.xml
  3. Cubmaster Chris

    Bridging Webelos 1 to Webelos 2

    We let the boys choose a Patrol name for their last year in the Pack and present them with their Patrol patches. Then while they are Sr. Webelos, we call them by their Patrol name instead of their Den number.
  4. Cubmaster Chris

    Scouting family in Stouffers commercial

    Fred - According to the Terms and Conditions on the Stouffer website and YouTube website, it can't be placed online without violating copyright. However, if someone e-mailed me, I'm sure I could point them in the right direction to get a good quality MPG version of the commercial that's sitting on someone's server... Cubmaster Chris cubmasterchris@gmail.com An Hour A Week? Podcast http://www.cubmasterchris.com The Scout Roundtable Podcast http://www.scoutroundtable.net
  5. Cubmaster Chris


    jaffolder- The Scout Roundtable Podcast has a show coming out in the next week about Summer activities. We've got Cubmasters and other Scout Leaders from all over the US and Canada giving ideas and tips for planning Summer Activities. It will be show #10 and should be up March 4th or 5th. I think it would help you. --------------------------------------------------- Cubmaster Chris An Hour A Week? Cub Scout Podcast http://www.cubmasterchris.com The Scout Roundtable Podcast http://www.scoutroundtable.net ---------------------------------------------------
  6. Cubmaster Chris

    Aggrivating Parents?

    One time, another leader suggested to me taking a folder and putting "Complaint Forms" on the outside and filling it with blank Leader Apps... I'm going to take a different angle from a lot of people on this one. If they're help is welcome, then you already know what to do-get them to volunteer. If they do volunteer, will their changes be welcome, or is the Pack Leadership happy with how things are progressing? Most of us will say that they need to jump in and help the Pack, but if the rest of the Pack is happy with everything and they are not, they will get frustrated and you've solved nothing. If not, then another suggestion would be to move to another Pack. We have had a few parents and Scouts who were on the verge of quitting altogether; we suggested they try out other Packs and find one they felt was more in agreement with their personal "style". They did and began to enjoy Scouts more and the parents ultimately became co-Den Leaders.
  7. Cubmaster Chris

    Former Cubscout invited me to his Eagle COH

    That's great! Congrats! I always tell my Sr. Webelos the same thing when they cross over; hopefully 1 or 2 of them will invite me also.
  8. Cubmaster Chris

    Comical Cub Scout Promise Video

    Awesome! That was really funny. Is there any place online where you can get all of the Scouting commercials? I'd love to get them for our Blue & Gold.
  9. Cubmaster Chris

    Anybody teaching at their POW WOW?

    We had our Pow Wow last weekend and it was the first time I attended (our Pinewood Derby has always been the same weekend). I also got to teach one of the classes; Pack extras (Blue & Gold, derbies, campouts, day trips, etc.) We had a really good turnout and we want to expand it in the next 2 years to include even more classes. Good stuff! Really recharged my batteries!
  10. Cubmaster Chris

    Blue and Gold Banquet

    I second ScoutNut - have each den do decorations for their tables. They can do place mats, name cards, centerpieces, etc.
  11. Cubmaster Chris

    Preparing Webelos and parents for a Troop visit

    When our Sr. Webelos get close to crossing over, they do 2 visits to a Troop. The first one is to meet with the Scoutmaster (AOL requirement) and the parents meet with the Troop Committee to introduce them to the Troop and Boy Scout rules and differences. The second one is for the Webelos to interact with the Boy Scouts. Let your boys go to the Troop meetings, instead of having the Boy Scouts/Leadership come to them. It does 2 things: it throws them into the "deep end of the pool" right away and it shows them that they are no longer going to be Cubs-they will be Boy Scout and treated as such. However, I would wait until the Fall before you take them; let them mature a little bit more first. Good to see you are looking that far ahead, though. Good Luck!
  12. Cubmaster Chris

    We survived!

    Congrats on your first Winter Campout! I miss camping in the snow... Texas "Winter" camping is just not the same. :-) sst3rd- Why is the Pack resistant to camping in the Winter?